• Everyday Aromatherapy Masterclass by Lisa Heeney- 14th July

    • 90.00


      Saturday 14th July


      Dublin 15

      Small group to ensure learning quality

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    Everyday Aromatherapy Masterclass by Lisa Heeney

    Learn Everyday Aromatherapy – How to enjoy, and benefit from, using essential oils safely and therapeutically in your day to day life.

    Facilitated by Mayca Fernandez-Toscano Owner/Founder WapoBeauty, natural cosmetic educator and Lisa Heeney Aromatherapist , Owner/Founder of AromaBuff and author of AromaBump – The Belly Bible for Aromatherapy in Pregnancy.

    Lisa Heeney is a professional reflexologist and aromatherapist, who has cared for thousand of women with her specialized pregnancy treatments. She has been using aromatherapy with her clients since she qualified from the Tisserand Institute of Aromatherapy in 2005.

    Many people have heard of essential oils and aromatherapy, given that they have really grown in popularity over the last number of years.  They smell amazing and their beautiful fragrances can be found in many things.

    However, there is more to essential oils than just pretty smells.  Did you know that when used properly, essential oils can be used to improve the appearance of your skin, ward off colds and flu, help balance hormones, ease muscle tension and help you sleep, among many other things?

    There are so many benefits to using essential oils in your day to day life, however in order to get the best out of them, you need to know which ones to use, and how they can be used safely and therapeutically.

    We are delighted to be holding our Learn Everyday Aromatherapy Masterclass on 26th May in which you will learn the best 10 essential oils to use on a day to day basis, how they can help you and your family, how to use them safely and how to create your own signature blends.  You will get in-depth notes to take home which you can refer to time and again, and you will also get to make your own beautiful blends on the day.  You will go home feeling gorgeous and at one with the world!


    Please note, this is an independent masterclass and is not associated with any particular brand of essential oils.

    All required materials are provided

    (Feel free to bring an apron to protect your clothes from spills and stains. Also, it is

    preferable to arrive perfume-free as some fragrances can over-power essential oils,

    thank you.)

    I am delighted that you will be joining us – Lisa and Mayca -for this is hands-on masterclass that teaches you how to use essential oils in your home, for personal use and health benefits.

    Here’s the schedule for the day:

    • 10.45 – Arrive, settle in and have a lovely cup of tea.

    • Introduction to the 10 most useful essential oils to have in your home

    • Safety first – how to use essential oils safely

    • Dilution & Blending

    • Overview of carrier oils and which ones best suit your needs

    • Getting to know your oils – Smell testing – Break down of oil characteristics

    • Blends for personal care – bath, massage

    • Using aromatherapy with children

    • Make and take home 2 fabulous personalized blends : your own body/face oils to take home, using your knowledge from the workshop

    • 2pm Workshop ends

    Scroll up and book your place sooner rather than later by adding to cart and follow payment instructions. Please make sure to read terms and conditions before you complete your payment. 


    Lisa and Mayca are really looking forward to aromatherapy…ing with you !!



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