• Face skincare recipes pack

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      60 Lovely Face skincare recipes pack

      (This pack DOES NOT  include ingredients nor video tutorials only PDF documents with full information and step by step recipes and formulas to make 60 natural skincare products at home )

      Highly recommended for students who have attended complete skincare courses before .


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    This face skincare recipes pack includes a total of 60 skincare recipes . Please see below

    Highly recommended for those who have already attended my Complete facial skincare course and/or Complete bodycare course that want to experiment with a large selection of beautiful skincare recipes to extend their knowledge and practice . If you haven’t attended a skincare course before you might find difficult to get good result when making these products especially the emulsions category (cream and lotions) .

    This pack includes recipes and useful information on how to make the following :

    • 14 FACE OILS and SERUMS recipes for every type of skin.
    • 12 BALMS recipes including face balms, cleansing balms, lip balms and lip gloss 
    • 9  TONERS  recipes including spritzers and gels 
    • 7  MASK and SCRUBS recipes 
    • 12 CREAMS AND LOTIONS recipes including detailed information on:
    1. What is needed in a moisturizing cream or lotion
    2. What is the difference between a cream and lotion
    3. Basic creams and lotions formula percentages
    4. THREE  phases ingredients type
    5. Methods to create successful emulsion
    6. How to formulate your own recipe
    7. Day and night  creams and lotions  recipes
    8. Cleansing lotions

    Hope you enjoy your products and have a lots of fun making them !

    Please note: @School of Natural skincare  has taken all reasonable care in sourcing and presenting accurate information during the workshop but no responsibility is accepted for any inaccuracies or mistakes in the information, or loss or damage that may result from its use.Products and recipes provided in classes/ Ekit or recipes pack  are for personal use or as gifts only- not for commercial use.  These classes/ekit or recipes pack or any portion thereof may not be shared or reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the author

    Mayca Fernandez @School of Natural skincare – Licensed Teacher

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