• B- Make your own skincare workshop- Beauty Spa treatments -28th October 2017

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      – Beauty Spa treatments workshop-


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      Saturday 28th October 2017

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    Make your own skincare workshop- Beauty Spa treatments-

    This workshop is only open to former students of WapoBeauty school who have attended at least 1 day complete face workshop.

    Benefits of exfoliation 

    Exfoliation is the removal of dry/dead skin cells on the surface of the skin and is one of the most important aspects of your home skincare routine for face and body that many times is overlooked. Exfoliation helps  skin  increases blood circulation, which results in a healthy, smoother and glowing skin and allowing to benefits the most from the other face skincare products in your beauty daily regime. 

    Exfoliation of the skin is recommended to do once a week on a normal skin type, every 2 weeks on a sensitive skin and twice on oily skin as general guidelines but it is essential to use the suitable product preferably 100% natural effective but gentle enough to respect our skin.

    Benefits of face masque 

    Applying face masques once a week provides that extra hydration and nourishment  that daily skincare products can do . Face masques works as superfood and are an extra boost for the skin to keep it in optimal health and appearance.  They can also work as purifying, deep cleansing , detoxifying agents for trouble skin .

    In this class YOU will make tailored wonderful luxurious face masques and exfoliants products from scratch for your skin type . Enjoy your spa time at home using wonderful active ingredients such as clays, seaweeds, botanical extracts, hydrolats and many more. 100% natural and earthy ingredients that will only detox and rejuvenate your skin powerfully but gently.Face masques are a great and essential addition to any beauty regime for its healing and transforming benefits. Products with clay and other active ingredients are hard to preserve and most of face masques and exfoliants in the market contains harsh preservatives and other chemicals . Why not switching to a greener alternative , maybe less toxic, and milder on your skin? I will explain everything about alternative preservatives, benefits of natural ingredients and more in my class and you will gain a lot of knowledge of what is good and bad for your skin.

    This is the menu of the beautiful products YOU will make on the day:

    • Detoxifying and Brightening Mineral Mask
    • Bamboo exfoliating milk  (cold processed emulsion!!)
    • Rice and seaweed scrub 
    • Orange chocolate masque 

      PLUS 2 special BONUSES 

    BONUS 1

    OF 10 EXTRA RECIPES to practice at home  and an endless possibilities to create any product you like to suit any skin type.

    BONUS 2

    New eco emulsifiers valuable fact sheet to make different type of lotions , gels and treatments you might have not experienced yet.

    This class is highly recommended for those who have attended my face and body complete 1 day workshops in the past to extend your cosmetic making knowledge and complement your already handmade natural daily beauty regime .

    Workshop includes equipment, ingredients , packaging and a number of important theoretical lectures for you to learn many of NEW cosmetic making secrets. You don’t need to bring anything else than pen and paper and plenty of enthusiasm .

    Click on ADD TO CART button (scroll up) to book your place and hope to see you again soon in my class.


    Contact me if you have any query 0876400010 or email infoatwapo.ie


    Mayca Fernandez

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