Custom formulation

Skincare formulation exclusively for you 

Let me be your private alchemist


Custom FORMULATION skincare

If you would like me to create a customized skincare product for you , I can design and formulate  a luxurious and effective cosmetic product exclusively for you to pamper your face, body and hair with ingredients, texture and aromas that you like.  You will know every single ingredient used in your products so you will know what exactly you are putting on your skin and will always be the most natural and ecofriendly.

How it works?

You send me an email to or phone me 0876400010 to arrange an appointment for a consultation on skype or phone . Free of charge.

In that appointment we have a chat for 30 min for me to understand about your skin needs in-depth: if you have any allergies, intolerance, sensitivity and/or any skin condition.

What you are looking for in a skincare product?

What do you expect from the product?

What issues on your skin you want to target ?

I promise I will be 100% honest  about what a product can deliver.

I will need 2-3 days minimum to research and put best ingredients together to make a unique product that your skin will love.

All my skincare products are affordable and cost effective.

Mayca Fernandez



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Learn from the expert.

  • Founder of Wapo Beauty School, the 1st natural skincare school in Ireland
  • 12 years experience in natural skincare industry
  • 6 years empowering students to make natural skincare 
  • Certificate in Advanced Cosmetic Science
  • Diploma in Food Science and Nutrition
  • Former Manufacturer Manager in Yogandha oils, Dublin.

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