Z-Gift voucher- Half day workshop


Gift voucher

Half day skincare  or soapmaking workshop or same value – 3 hours

Give a gift of a new craft still , knowledge and a wonderful experience 

Dublin 15

Gift voucher- Half day workshop

Give a gift of a natural skincare or soapmaking workshop to a friend or relative  .

Giving a gift of an experience is something unforgettable while you are giving the chance to someone to develop a beautiful life skill that has become essential these days.

Please just email me the details after purchase this gift card to infoatwapo.ie :

I will email a personalized gift voucher with the name and message you wish. I will email you the voucher then you can print it and can be put inside a Christmas card.

The person who receives the voucher can choose any half day workshop  (soapmaking, shampoo bar or any other workshop of same value ) date the first 6 months during the year 2019. He/she just have to contact me and let me know .

Any questions please don’t be shy and ask me infoatwapo.ie or give me a call 0876400010

Mayca Fernandez




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