PE- Introduction Making Natural Skincare workshop 14th March

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Learn how to make Solid Body Beauty products 

(between Blanchardstown and Clonee Village)

0 packaging

0 waste

0 plastic

0 preservatives

0 water

0  messy liquids

100 % Natural and convenient for you and the planet

-Beginners level-

This is a perfect Making Natural Skincare INTRODUCTION Workshop for absolute beginners

Learn how to formulate and make ingenious solid body beauty and bodycare products in bar shape that do not require packaging, preservatives, plastic wrapping or any other nonsense. 100% natural and convenient for travelling and to reduce plastic waste in our beautiful planet. Just naked products!

This is an introductory workshop to learn how to formulate and make
anhydrous and preservative – free skincare products beginners level yet wonderful and effective multi-tasking products for your skin . It is not only learning about how to make the specific products in the list below but learning how to formulate a stable and professional product the right way with endless possibilities.

If you are NOT beginner and would like to learn more in depth  how to formulate and make the main 3 categories of skincare products e.g. anhydrous (oil based) water based and emulsions/creams please check my one full intense day Masterclass here 

You will be only using 100% natural and organic ingredients  (If you are vegan we will use an alternative plant ingredient to replace beeswax i.e. soy, jojoba, almond, rice wax or hemp wax )  to make extra gentle yet effective multi-purpose skincare products that you and your family will love.


I just wanted to drop you a note to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the skincare course on Saturday. I loved the products we made! I can’t wait to get going making my own stuff!! I’ve already popped into M&S to get some oils and Rosewater!! Thanks a million Eimear x (Dublin)

Some of many benefits of making your own skincare are:

* Tailor the product to suit your skin and/or your family skin needs. You choose for favourite scents, texture, packaging, etc
* Know WHAT exactly is IN your products !
* Save HUGE money
*Achieve a much healthier and more radiant skin from day one
* Be able to make superior quality products comparing to the most of conventional cosmetics found in stores nowadays
* You can make wonderful skincare gifts for your family and friends

*You can target all sort of skin conditions i.e. acne, eczema , redness, etc
* You stop your body and your children absorbing harmful chemicals
* It is fun and rewarding hobby

Workshop includes both theory and practical sections as follows:

Theory (LECTURES ) PDF for you but clear explanation will be provided in the class:

Safety , Hygiene and Best Practice

Technical type of products: Anhydrous, Aqueous and Emulsions/creams. Differences in formulation and method. Shelf-life.

Type of methods: Hot and cold process

Use of antioxidants : which, how and why ?

Type of ingredients : Solubility and percentages 

How to identify a natural and a synthetic ingredient

Type of butters: Percentages and melting point . Textures and consistency. Crucial to the finish product

Main plant oils and skin benefits chart

55 Essential oils  and skin benefits chart 

Safe percentages of essential oils according EU cosmetic regulations

Suppliers information

Shopping list


Hands-on (the fun part !!)

You will make and bring home the following formula and finished products:

Choco , Vanilla and Mango Body Moisturiser bar

Creamy Almond and Clay Body cleanser bar

Zesty Lemongrass and Ginger Invigorating Polish scrub bar


Extra FREE formulas to take home

Mint and Basil mouthwash hearts

Dry shampoo powder

Early booking is recommended to avoid disappointment. Max 7 places.




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