How to make natural body skincare products – Notes and Recipes-

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Valuable information theory cosmetic making notes and recipes to make your own natural bodycare products


 BONUS Bath and shower skincare gifts recipes 

10 PDF ready to download after purchase

How to make natural body skincare products – Notes and Recipes

Same notes and recipes used in my live complete face skincare workshop in Dublin for those who can not attend my live classes or my online workshop does not suit.

Valuable information notes about :

  1. Safety, Hygiene and product quality
  2. Cosmetic categories (oil based, water based and emulsions for face products)
  3. Main type of natural ingredients in cosmetic making
  4. Formulation guidelines
  5. Solubility of ingredients
  6. Importance of PH
  7. Use of preservatives
  8. 10 Plant oils and skincare type suitability chart
  9. 55 Essential oils for skincare use and skin type suitability chart
  10. 6 Recipes covering the 3 cosmetic categories:

    Palmarosa Body balm

    Wonder Hands body and feet souffle

    Mandarin and Basil Body milk

    Organic Aloe Vera juice

    Organic Aloe Vera gel (fragrance free)

    Natural perfume oil

  11. BONUS of Bath and shower skincare gifts recipes
  12. Where to buy ingredients, packaging and equipment and tools for cosmetic making. Suppliers all over the world.

Easy to follow at home . This is a self-study and affordable material. Tutor support is not included.



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