4 best face oils you can get in your supermarket.

4 best face oils you can get in your supermarket

Over the years I have been sharing a lot of good information about my findings in the local stores in Ireland.
Many of you keep asking me where to get good cosmetic ingredients that are affordable and good quality. Apart from the professional cosmetic making suppliers that I provide in my skincare classes where you can find ANYTHING that you feel like a child in a toy shop !! I always recommend to search for local ingredients not only to support local Irish businesses but you also save money and time in shipping costs.
I was lucky to find amazing high quality skincare oils in different supermarkets in Ireland that are great for those who wants to start making their own skincare products in a easy and affordable way.
So here it is 4 of the best skincare plant oils you can get in your local stores and you can make wonderful face serum amongst many other products AND they provide amazing nutrients to smooth, nourish and heal your skin .

I literally shared this image on my Facebook group immediately when I saw this 3 amazing oils in M&S food hall (UK and Ireland) last year and always buy these ones since them. You can find them in what they call “ethnic food” section . Yes you will be amazed how many cosmetic ingredients you can find in a supermarket ,always choose Organic and/or cold pressed when it comes to oils AND make sure that the ingredients list say exactly the name of the oil you are buying NOTHING ELSE !!! I mean not diluted with anything else and/or something else added. This is very important as you want to use the most natural unprocessed ingredient in order to get all the skin benefits.


One of my favorite since I have mature skin but it is also very very good for dry and sensitive skin. So you don’t need to be “mature” to enjoy this wonderful oil. This brand is cold pressed therefore the oil is very dark green and thick but silky thick. High content of  antioxidant vitamin E and A which means that is protects skin from free radical damage. Stimulation of cell formation, clinical improvement in the visible sighns of skin aging has been documented with significant decrease in skin wrinkling and moisture retention capacity of the skin is improved. Can you see why is one of my favorite oils ?


Number one oil for sensitive skin including babies . It works very well on dry and mature skin. Absorption is medium-slow being suitable for massage. Nourishing, emollient, softening and soothing. Very similar properties to Peach kernel oil as they are from same family. Shelf life of 2-3 years.


Great for mature skin but good for acne, eczema and sensitive skin as it is easily absorbed. Excellent for anti-aging and anti-wrinkle blends due to high content of palmitic acid which slows the aging process. Emollient, rejuvenating, soothing , protective.

So here is an image of these 3 wonders . Price ? €9 each bottle of 250ml FANTASTIC VALUE!! How many skincare products you can make from a bottle of this oils ? Well ….25 face serums …yes 25 FACE SERUMS for only €9 !!!

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ORGANIC SUNFLOWER OIL – Meridian – from any health store. Price €5.85 for 500 ml….WOW how many face serum can you make ?? do the Maths 🙂 Interestingly enough this oil is good for dry and oily skin . How ? Nature is amazingly versatile , this is why. This oil is a bit underestimated, it is very affordable and people often think that is a “cheap” oil. Always get Organic though!! It is very high in vitamin E and also suitable for sensitive skin, actually suitable for any type of skin, as I said , very versatile one. Love its golden color.


I suggest you buy  at least 2 different oils suitable to your skin and make a blend of 50% each , shake it and that is your face oil made at a great value and full of goodness !!

For instance you get a 10 ml bottle with a pipette , you just add 5 ml (approximately 1 tsp or do by eye and fill half of the bottle) of one oil and another 5 ml of a different oil.

Basic face oil

Anti-aging for mature and dry  skin 

5 ml Macadamia oil

5 ml Avocado oil

Combination, oily skin

5 ml Camelina oil

5 ml Walnut oil

Sensitive skin

5ml Grapeseed oil

5ml Apricot kernel

Also Sweet almond oil is a good one for sensitive skin. You can find it in Asian/Arab food shops .

You can get both oils in Dunnes stores or Supervalue in Ireland. Grapeseed and Hemp seed oil are other great astringent oils (drying oils ) high in tannins which are very good for oily skin.

You can add essential oils to this blend and many other wonderful extracts as long they are oil soluble in order to add more benefits but this is perfect if you are absolute beginner in cosmetic making. By the way I talk about essential oils in another blogpost here .

Please be cautious if you have sensitive/very sensitive skin the safest way is NOT adding essential oils at all.

How to use this serum?

Apply 1-2 drops of this face oil on clean skin preferably after your face moisturizer, as it is an oil based product . Or you can use it on its own as a day/night moisturizer.

This example of face oil is an absolute beginner cosmetic making if you want to learn cosmetics making in depth I suggest you attend  a skincare making class run by a professional. You will be amazed of what high standard skincare products you will be able to make in the comfort of your own home .

If you want to receive a Chart of 10 plant oils for natural skincare with great information, benefits, , skin type , please comment below this post and will email you shortly.

Thanks for reading !!

La Mayca x


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  1. Hi there . Love your work. .. hopefully I will come and do a course with you soon until then could you send me the pdf with the chart of essential oils please . Thank you Debbie

    1. Thank you Mary, I will email you the chart shortly. Looking forward to seeing you in my classes. Any questions just ask please ! x

    1. Hi Marina,
      Sweet almond oil and Rosehip oil are fantastic to prevent and/or reduce stretch marks. Organic pure shea butter (alone) is a great one too that I have used in my 3 pregnancies and NO stretch marks at all !! 🙂 let me know if you receive this response, i am not sure if people can read my answers here.

  2. Hello. I’d love a copy of your oils that are good for skin. I found your site searching for just that! Thank you for this great article.

  3. Hi Maya
    Love your posts X Can you please send me PDF with EO’s. I live in the West but hope to attend one of your workshops in the future.
    Many Thanks

  4. Hi Mayca,
    Loved your comments on where to get natural products and your serum formulations. I have some experience in industrial cosmetic manufacturing and I am thinking of starting up my own ‘hobby’ cosmetic manufacturing. Please send me your oil chart and any workshops in the west of Ireand or other.
    Happy Christmas,
    Yours in Science,

    1. Hi Michael thanks for your comments. You can find the oil chart in my free basic online workshop I saw you enrolled . Looking forward to seeing you in my shampoo bar workshop. Your will receive instructions and directions email on Monday the 14th January. Happy new year ! Mayca

  5. Hello Maya, I would like to receive your plant oil chart please. I have enrolled on your free course and will also be doing the online course to see if it would be suitable for me. Thanking you in advance

    1. Hi Marian, Thank you for enrolling on my free online skincare course. The plant oil chart is actually one of the lectures in the course. Check it out , you already have it ! If you have further questions regarding the complete online course let me know in the comment box in the free course where you can ask questions and make any comment in public. If you prefer you can email me info@wapo.ie . Cheers , Mayca

  6. I loved your free course! I am hoping to take your other online courses soon! I would love it if you can send me the chart of plant oils.

    1. Hi Yoshiko, i am happy you loved my free course ! I saw you have enrolled in my complete course , you will find the chart of plant oils inside the course . Enjoy and please write any questions or doubts in the comment box inside the course. Thanks

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