Make your own natural skincare products!

Learn how to make professional retail-standard organic natural skincare products – better than the ones you buy in the stores. Learn how to use premium quality, cruelty-free, vegan friendly ingredients to make products by yourself in the comfort of your own kitchen.
I believe the life skill of making your natural cosmetics from scratch should be as essential as learning how to cook your own food!

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The Benefits of home-made & organic Skincare

You know WHAT you are putting on your skin as you make your products from scratch choosing the best ingredients to create a personalized product suitable to your needs.
Do not buy products from the shops anymore, you will be amazed what you can create from affordable ingredients. Your skin feels, looks healthier and more radiant when using natural handmade products.
You avoid harsh chemicals , toxins and skin irritant ingredients while at the same time using more environmental friendly ingredients. Help our planet by using sustainable resources and reducing waste and plastic.
You learn the secrets of the beauty industry to empower yourself and take control of your beauty regime. It is a cool, creative useful lifeskill to have nowadays.
I enjoyed your recent workshop on facial skincare, and the great products we made, along with your gifts and generous sharing of more formulas to work with at home. Your approach shows and inspires respect for natural quality ingredients, and integrity in the making process . It expands understandings of what quality means in awareness of own daily skincare choices, for ourselves , family and friends.
Lorraine (Wicklow )
Happy customer
Hi Mayca . I just want to thank you for all your classes . I did some classes before somewhere else and I must say , didn’t learn half of the stuff that you are offering in your classes. Honestly I feel I did waste my money there ???? but with all your training and information I feel confident and believe I found myself a future ???? I would recommend you to anyone in a heartbeat . Thank you again .
Ivana (Wexford)
Happy customer

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