Irish Independent skincare interview.

Irish Independent skincare interview

I ran a skincare mini workshop last November in Airfield Estate and Ruth Griffin the Beauty editor of Irish Independent magazine weekend , attended my class . At the end of the class she offered me an interview in her beauty section in Irish Independent magazine weekend.

She did a great job and gave me a nice space on “Blooming gorgeous” page in the Irish Independent magazine this last weekend 4th March 2017.  I am very grateful for it and hope the readers enjoyed my advice on natural skincare and the few recipes.  Down below the pics is the original interview.




Here it is the original interview :

What are the benefits to using natural skincare in our beauty routines?


Your skin gets all the nutrients directly from the plants . A better way to say it, natural skincare feeds your skin whether synthetic cosmetics offer only an aesthetic result. Skincare products contains all different natural ingredients each one bringing their own properties therefore when they blend together you are getting a greater result , this is called synergy. Natural ingredients are active ingredients meaning they have an action on your skin cells. As a direct consequence of using natural skincare you are avoiding harsh chemicals and toxins absorption  on your skin -body. This also impacts our environment in a positive way


Do you find an increased interest in people making their own skincare?


Absolutely. I can see that people is more demanding, they are more and more aware and conscious  about what they are putting on their skin. They are starting reading the ingredients label, this is a big step towards self-education.


What are some of the best natural plant extracts that are used in skincare  that can be grown in our own gardens?

In Irish gardens you can find many beautiful flowers and herbs and even fruits that can be used in skincare in different ways. One of the most popular is Lavender but you also have Rose Geranium, Rose, Witch hazel, Calendula (Marigold), Chamomile, Sunflower, Nettle, Rosemary, Sage, Thyme and all the lovely berries: Raspberry, strawberry, blackberry.


What are some of the most common beauty concerns for avid gardeners? (ie hands and nails damage, sun exposure, sore muscles etc) I guess the main one is hand and nails care , but also the face skin is overlooked as we might think Irish sun is not strong enough to damage the skin.


What is the best skincare product for gardeners to use to mind their hands and nails?

I would recommend a Homemade Lemon hands scrub which works amazingly well targeting different skin issues on hard workers hands.

It is very simple and 100% natural , easy to make.

Put in a bowl

A handful of Granulated sugar

Extra virgin olive oil – as much as it takes to make a paste

Organic lemon juice – maybe half lemon is enough


Rub this paste all over your hands, between the fingers and emphasize around your nails, take your time and enjoy this pamper session for your hands.

What you are doing here is exfoliating the skin by getting rid of dead cells hence encouraging skin cell regeneration. Sugar is exfoliating agent, olive oil is moisturizing, emollient and nourishing and it also contains vitamin E  which is essential to fight free radicals, and lemon is an exceptional natural healer for cuts and whitening agent because of its content in vitamin C.

Rinse your hands with lukewarm water , dry them and apply a hand cream, moisturizer or balm. Your hands will feel squeaky  clean and silky soft.



Do you have one of your own natural skincare recipes that you would like to share with the readers that has products in it from the garden?



Lavender flower buds (mature)

Make a tea or infusion:

1tbsp of lavender flowers

1 cup of boiling water .

Leave it to rest 10 min. Use a muslin cloth or coffee filter paper to strain the infusion and leave it to cool but covered.

Then transfer it to a dark spray bottle and use it as a face wash, toner which is suitable for every type of skin including acne and irritated skin. This lavender infusion will calm your skin and your mind. It is hydrating, cooling and healing quick skincare solution. Keep in the fridge as it is a water based product and it must be used within 5-7 days maximum.


Another tip to use with lavender flower buds in grind them to make it powder and mix it  with oatmeal and rose petals powder , make a paste with water or yogurt for a wonderful face mask .



What are some of the best plant extract/oils that can be used in natural skincare that can be grown in our own gardens? Some of the best are Calendula (Marigold) and Chamomile both have impressive skin benefits : healing , anti-inflammatory, skin repair . Their flowers, extract and essential oils  are widely used in skincare products including babies as key ingredient to treat dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, acne and dry skin.  I personally grew up drinking chamomile tea to address stomach ache, indigestion, nervousness  or using it as a hair rinse for blonde hair. Their uses are endless.





What is the biggest natural skincare beauty myth?


The most expensive is a skincare product the better it is . FALSE (not always is the case)Price often refers to packaging and marketing costs.


What are some of the best websites/shops that you would recommend for the readers, to source ingredients for homemade skincare?


You can actually find a lot of ingredients in your local supermarket nowadays such as extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil ,rosewater (hydrolat)  orange blossom water (hydrolat) , walnut oil,  sesame oil (not toasted version) also your local health store will stock a nice range of plant oils like Organic Sunflower oil, Grapeseed oil, Sweet almond oil.  The Health Store, Nourish, Down to Earth are some of the most popular health shops in Dublin . 


Can you give me some brief details on your workshops for readers looking to learn how to make their own natural skincare?  


When you come to my workshop you learn the theory – basic chemistry- behind cosmetics making and what , how and why to use every natural ingredient .  My classes provide high valuable information and beautiful skincare recipes to make products with a short and long shelf life.  You make your own customized skincare products following recipes and my advice and you take those products with you .  You achieve a healthier more radiant skin from day one without using unnecessary harsh chemicals. When you learn the cosmetic making fundamentals , sky is the limit.


La Mayca x


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