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5 best natural sunscreen products that I recommend.

5 best natural sunscreen products that I recommend

and I have personally tried and tested over the 10 years I have been in the natural and organic skincare world.

As every year as soon as the sun comes out in Ireland I always have some of my followers asking me either if I teach how to make handmade SPF skincare products or which natural sunscreen brands I do recommend for its effectiveness and ghost white-look result that no one of us like .

Now the answer to the first question:

No , I have been trained to make sunscreen products  in a laboratory but in fact , handmade  SPF products are not recommended to make at home as it needs to be made in a proper professional laboratory with specific equipment and obviously specific knowledge. This is why I do not cover SPF products in my classes.

Having said this and up to knowledge and experience there are many wonderful natural plant oils that naturally enhance sun protection which are often used in good natural serums , creams and sunscreen . These are some to name a few:

Raspberry seed oil

Sesame oil

Shea butter oil

Carrot oil

Jojoba oil

Sea buckthorn oil

Olive oil

Rice Bran oil

Evening Primrose oil

Rosehip oil

Pomegranate seed oil

Coconut oil (comedogenic)

Sea buckthorn extract

Argan oil

The oils above need to be used at certain percentages depending of what type of product you are making i.e. face oil, face cream, body lotion, etc. There are studies that have shown that Raspberry seed offer sun protection between 28-50. How do you determine the SPF factor in this oil ? Again this a laboratory job.

On the other hand Raspberry seed oil is not recommended to use on its own as it is a VERY dry oil especially for dry/mature skin . Maybe it is a good option for oily skin ? but I wouldn’t use it neat either.

Answer to second question here are some of my recommendations

Dead sea spa magik

I was happy to find this SPF 50 last year from this brand that I have talked about its wonderful shampoo few months ago in my 5 best natural shampoo blogpost .

To begin with I loved the fact that the texture is not thick and pasty, it is actually quite fluid, looooooove the smell , it is so “beachy”  smell (yes I have just made that word up). Easy to spread, it absorbs quite quickly and it is not very greasy nor ghost-white looking. It is very effective on the face and body, I tried myself and on my 8 y/0 daughter who have pale sensitive skin and my husband. We were on holidays in my lovely hometown Malaga – Spain in August which is the month of strongest sun. I was VERY satisfied with this sunscreen I have to say , I used all the time when i was outdoors and used my handmade face serum full packed of antioxidants oils in the evenings to repair my skin of any possible sun damage and to keep it moisturized and supple.



This is a certified organic German brand that I used to sell years ago on my online shop . You might remember these products. They contain big percentage of natural and organic oils and extracts. The texture is quite rich though , so if you have dry and mature skin these products will actually be good for you as you  will get the extra moisturizing benefit from them. The spf 50 is quite pasty white-look but they have spf 30 tinted which is a fabulous product that leaves a nice sheer . High effective products and great quality ingredients. Texture is not for everyone , therefore I suggest you try a little sample first.

ECO Cosmetics 30 SPF Sun Cream


Greenpeople is a nice natural  brand that has been long around offering skincare and suncare products you can rely on. I used their organic children sunscreen on my daughter years ago and love the light texture and effectiveness although it was not high SPF .

Kimberley Sawyer

This is not a suscreen product a such but I think it is a good alternative if you don’t find a proper suncare you can always use a face moisturizer with spf . I spotted this brand long ago but never had the chance to try until few days ago I was given a little sample sachet . Loved it ! Very light texture which it is a great for combination /oily skin .




I have tried some wonderful products by this brand and I loved them all therefore I guess their suncare range is worth to try  and I will do it this year for sure, but I still have a bottle of Dead Sea spa magik I want to finish first. To be honest since I live in Ireland I don’t use much suncare as opposed when I used to live in my hometown in Malaga-Spain where you need SPF all year round (sweet memories !!)

You can find all above in ( one of my favorite natural organic skincare website ) and eccoverde uk


Enjoy the sun and please share with your friends , scroll up and you will find the social media bottoms , this way we are spreading the word about good and safe natural organic suncare products !!!

Badger Organic Broad Spectrum Active Sunscreen SPF 30

I have not tried this one yet, but I read good reviews .  This is in my list and will tell you all about it when I get to use it. Hopefully we will have a nice summer in Ireland this year.

Thanks for reading.


La Mayca x




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