5 best natural organic makeup brands I recommend

Before I start writing about the brands that I know and have used I would like to clarify that if you expect a similar result from an organic makeup brand as you have with a non-natural/organic you better lower your expectations as it will not happen.  So having this in mind you will feel less disappointing and more open mind to experience a different concept of  “makeup look” that it is more skin friendly , more natural look and much more respectful with our environment.

Natural and Organic make-up is less intense because it obviously use less synthetic (plastic) ingredients.


German make-up brand I know this brand from a to z. I used to sell the whole range on my online shop few years ago. It is perfect for week day look, lipstick are very nourishing , creamy and moisturizing with a lovely glossy finish, lovely palette of colors too. Eye pencils are very soft and lovely texture. Foundation cream are nice too. In fact the whole range is nice, inexpensive to achieve an effortless look . I had the pleasure to personally met the founder of the brand in one of those Natural skincare shows in London, where I actually had the chance to verbally suggest to him an improvement for the concealer format as it is a great product but it comes (used to come, don’t know now…) with little sponge applicator . I think a brush format works better. You can find this range in some health stores and for sure online.  Love their BB cream great product if you are looking for a tinted moisturizer.  Years ago a great makeup artist/blogger  Claudia did a video tutorial using benecos products on me . See video below and you will find list of specific products and shades she used on the day.

Jane Iredale

First world come to my mouth for this brand is : luxurious . Amazing quality and great ethos in this American brand. I have discovered this brand a couple of years ago and used daily the powders and foundation as I was doing a temporary job and needed to wear make up every day.  Real silky feeling and result  and soooo mild and light-weighed feel on the skin . I know there are some beauty salons in Dublin that sell this brand but you can also get it online. It can be relatively expensive but totally worth the value.  Visit the link below where you can buy this brand and their makeup service. https://nautilusdublin.com/make-up-services

Colouer caramel

I went for a free make-up session few months ago. I absolutely loved it, so much so, I wrote a blogpost and included a couple of videos …do you remember? . My sleepless-stress- bare-face before look and my beautiful after  look . I mention all the products and shades used in the session. Colouer caramel is a French brand organic certified by Ecocert (France ) If you missed my previous post about Colouer caramel please read  here

Lavera and Dr. Haushka

Who does not know these brands ? It has been around many  many years , two of natural skincare pioneer brands in the world . It can be a bit pricey but you are assured of good quality ingredients and formula. Google them and you will easily find where to buy in Ireland .

Lily Lolo

I looooooove this brand. I use the eye pencils, listick, powders, blush , every products feels like a vevelty feather on your skin. The packaging is lovely and simple. You can order sample size too which is handy . They are in UK  http://www.lilylolo.co.uk/

Enjoy being pretty without compromising your health, your skin and our planet ! This is what is all about girls !

If you want to learn how to make amazing natural skincare products like a professional , read about my online complete skincare formulation course HERE

You will NOT regret it … pinky promise!

Carpe diem

La Mayca x


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