Are you looking for an expert’s opinion on the development of a formula, or perhaps you are having challenges with organic ingredients and need to seek professional advice?

Mayca Fernandez of Wapo Beauty School offers custom formulations of a product from start to finish, an extensive review of a new formulation, or one-two-one private training. With over ten years experience creating custom organic products for specific target audiences, Mayca has the knowledge to help you bring a product to market. Book a free 15 min consultation call on or whatsapp +34 711 013 083

Mayca provides formulations of all different types of natural cosmetic products: balms, serums, gels, creams, moisturisers, ointment, salves, face masks, peeling, exfoliants, lotions, butters, mist , toners , cleansers, and oils.

All materials used in our custom formulation service are handmade with natural ingredients.

Formulation From Scratch

Formulation Review

Trade Advice

Learn from the expert.

  • Founder of Wapo Beauty School, the 1st natural skincare school in Ireland
  • Working in natural skincare industry since 2008
  • Teaching skincare formulation since 2014 and empowering students to make natural skincare for personal and professional purposes
  • Certificate in Advanced Cosmetic Science
  • Diploma in Food Science and Nutrition
  • Former Manufacturer Manager in Yogandha oils, Dublin.

Benefits of Wapo's Formulation Service:


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