how to make wheatgrass detox bath salts

How to Make Wheatgrass Detox Bath Salts.

Happy New Year, everyone! We hope that your year has started on the right foot, and what better way than with a recipe for wheatgrass detox bath salts? After the holidays, most of us can appreciate a bit of a detox from food, alcohol, and so on to help get back in the rhythm of things. Wheatgrass has long been popular in the health food world for its ability to eliminate toxins and boost the immune system. In the recipe of the month, learn how to make these wheatgrass detox bath salts for a year of ultra-relaxing baths!


To make 155g of wheatgrass detox bath salts, you’ll need:

  • 50g of Epsom Salts
  • 50g of Sea Salt
  • 25g of Sodium Bicarbonate
  • 25g of Wheatgrass Powder
  • 5 g of Olive oil
  • 10 drops of Lemon Essential Oil
  • 10 drops of Juniper Berry Essential Oil
  • 10 drops of Geranium Essential Oil
Properties of Ingredients

Here we’ll explore the natural properties of the ingredients. 

Epsom Salts

Epsom salts have long been used in baths to help relax muscles, soothe tension, and even address skin conditions, such as acne. The magnesium present in Epsom salts also makes them great for skin and hair health. In fact, studies have shown that magnesium ions are better absorbed by skin with hair follicles. However, some individuals may be allergic to Epsom salts, so if you have an adverse reaction cease use immediately.

Sea Salt

Made from evaporated seawater, this salt brings the goodness of nature straight into your home. Sea salt has plenty of minerals, including magnesium, calcium, zinc, iron, and potassium. This salt also has the right texture to help soften skin by removing dead skin cells and leaving behind fresh new skin. Baths using sea salts are particularly helpful for anyone suffering from psoriasis, eczema or similar skin conditions.

Sodium Bicarbonate

Sodium bicarbonate is a common ingredient in natural deodorants for its ability to cleanse the skin. This is because it has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, which can help manage irritation, rashes, and even bug bites. As an alkaline substance, it can also manage pH levels and neutralize acidic substances. Baking soda may also help address pain caused by acne.

Wheatgrass Powder

This superfood can bring a world of benefits to your skin by naturally hydrating and stabilising the skin’s barrier. Beyond helping remove toxins, wheatgrass also has anti-inflammatory, anti-ageing, and wound healing properties that help revitalise the look and feel of skin. This plant has also been shown to aid the prevention of acne and other skin conditions due to the presence of chlorophyll

Lemon Essential Oil

This citrus essential oil doesn’t merely smell good, it cleans exceptionally well, too. Lemon essential oil is antibacterial, as well as anti-inflammatory and detoxifying. Packed to the brim with antioxidants, this oil can help rejuvenate and brighten skin. Lemon essential oil should be used liberally as it only has a relatively short shelf life, but take care with sun exposure.

Juniper Berry Essential Oil

Juniper berries are full of vitamins and helpful plant compounds. Studies have shown that this essential oil possesses antibacterial and antifungal properties with the ability to prevent even ringworm. Alongside these properties, this oil also has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory abilities. All of these capabilities combined make this oil ideal for cleansing skin and combating infections, as well as damage.

Geranium Essential Oil

Geranium essential oil has a sweet, floral scent that is uplifting, combats stress, and soothes the mind. Also, this essential oil helps naturally remove dead skin cells, tighten the skin, and boost skin regeneration. Furthermore, geranium oil possesses antiseptic and anti-inflammatory abilities, enabling it to help boost immunity, reduce menstrual and menopausal symptoms, as well as improve circulation.

Olive Oil

Olive oil offers plenty of benefits for both your skin and hair. This luxurious oil is rich in antioxidants, such as Vitamin E, and even provides anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing effects. Olive oil helps with combating skin damage caused by the sun, stress, or pollution. Furthermore, it has wound-healing abilities, meaning that it can help your skin recover faster. 

Crafting Your Wheatgrass Detox Bath Salts

Once you’ve weighed out all your ingredients, mix all the dry ingredients. Add the mixture to a glass jar where you will store the bath salts. Then, add the olive oil and essential oils to the dry mixture. Stir until even or you reach a nice consistency. To use the wheatgrass detox bath salts, simply add a couple of tablespoons to your bath to detox your skin.

The Takeaway 

Cleanse your body of toxins and give yourself a relaxing reset using this wheatgrass detox bath salts. If you are hoping to craft more natural skincare products, take advantage of the great discounts on our eBooks. There’s also still time to sign up for the online Soapmaking Workshop on January 16th! Not to mention, you can always find wonderful skincare lessons in WapoBeauty’s Complete Facial Skincare Online Course for Beginners and discover how to make professional, safe, and stable natural beauty products. Join the ranks of students who found this class valuable and rewarding

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