Learn how to make superior skincare products like a pro in the comfort of your home.

Complete Facial (Natural, Organic and Vegan) Skincare Course for Beginners



This online workshop is divided into three important sections:

Theoretical – Contains more than 10 lessons that teach and help comprehend some basic yet important cosmetic science.

Such as:

  • How to measure and combine ingredients safely and effectively
  • Basic cosmetic technology including notes on how to formulate
  • What type of products and cosmetic ingredients information international suppliers required
  • And more…

Practical – 6 HD video tutorials explaining and making each type of product with formula and method

SPECIAL BONUS – My latest eBOOK with 60 face product formulations for you to extend your practice and gain formulation and hands-on experience. Including my secret Hyaluronic acid face serum gel formula

Tutorial Support – You can ask questions to me (human) in the comment box anytime you need it. Ask your questions in the comment box and will answer within 72 hours



The Formulation of natural skin care products from scratch with ONLY the natural ingredients YOU choose that are good for YOUR skin . Nothing else.

You will feel empowered when you gain the knowledge to create a product for your skin type or for others. You will learn how to put natural ingredients together in a proper way respecting nature and science and yourself. Working with percentages and grams. This is called formulating. Formulating is a fun, intellectual and very creative skill similar to play a puzzle but you get to choose the pieces ( cosmetic ingredients) isn’t this cool ? and one all the pieces click you achieve a wonderful effective skincare product . So satisfying and rewarding that you will feel proud of yourself. Once your formula is ready you pass to hands on section: handcrafting your product. And this is not fun it is MAGIC!


Knowledge of ALL types of cosmetic ingredients and materials you can use in natural skincare.

Oils, waxes, butters, thickeners, emulsifiers, stabilizers, preservatives, solubilizers, extracts, actives, cosmeceuticals, botanicals. All natural and/or natural derivatives.

Where they are coming from
What they are
What function they have in the product
What skin benefits they provide
Why to use them
How to use them


The Self-Reliance where you formulate your own formulas and no longer rely on recipes from others.

Most of the times the DIY recipes you find in Internet are wrong: unstable and unsafe from people who are not sufficiently qualified in cosmetic science. Once you learn about the materials used in products you will know what can be mixed and what can not be mixed. How to make a product with a shelf life is essential in formulation skill.



A Proactive skin care plan.

By formulating and creating your own natural skincare product you take control and power of your beauty regime. You look after your skin much more assertively therefore your skin becomes more balanced , radiant and healthier. As opposed when you buy products in store you don’t know what are you buying. You are lead by marketing stories which can be true, half true or false. When you learn making skincare the right way you learn the secrets of the beauty industry. Fascinating to say the least.

Does that sound at all like something you’re looking for?

This class includes everything you need to gain confidence in making your own skincare products (and with that come endless benefits):

*You tailor the product to suit your skin and/or your family skin needs.

*You choose for favorite scents, texture, packaging. You customize your product for yourself and for others.

* You know WHAT exactly is IN your products!

* You save HUGE money buy making your own products at home

* You achieve healthier and radiant skin from day one

* You will be able to make superior quality products when compared to most conventional cosmetics found in stores nowadays

* You can make wonderful skincare gifts for your family and friends or even create your own range to start your business

* You stop your body and your children absorbing harmful chemicals

* It is fun and rewarding hobby

* You empower yourself by taking control of your beauty regime

* You learn a new LIFE SKILL that certainly will improve your lifestyle and wellbeing.

* The essential oils (the little nature wonders as I call them) work positively on your skin, mind and spirit.

Your body will thank you. And if this is not enough you are looking after our environment and our precious planet.

It is a win-win.

Your Instructor

Mayca Fernandez

In March 2008 I had an accident and burnt my face pretty badly. When visited the hospital the dermatologist prescribed me Organic Rosehip to repair my skin and delete any possible scars. I have to say I kind of felt reluctant to believe that this oil would actually delete those terrible brown spots on my face. I was terrified those marks would stay forever on my skin.After only few days of using this wonderful oil my skin actually improved so much that actually looked and felt better than before the accident. This was my Eureka moment .I ditched every single expensive beauty product that I found in my bathroom cabinet and started to read about natural skincare, organic food and healthier alternatives.

I am originally from Spain and moved to Ireland in October 2008 when I started to sell premium natural and organic skincare products from different brands to retail shops. In 2012 I finished my studies of Food Science & Nutrition in Dublin and started up my own online business WapoBeauty selling organic skincare . Became natural skincare teacher on 2014. In 2015 -2016 I was production manager of a wonderful Irish holistic oils range brand called Yogandha.com . I keep studying natural cosmetic making and upgrading my knowledge . The more I know the more I want to know about how nature gave us everything we need to pamper ourselves and feel and look pretty. . I have achieved Natural Dermocosmetics Lab Technician diploma in Spain in April 2017 . Have recently completed Certificate in Advanced Cosmetic Science and attained 6 units as competencies form part of Diploma of Personal Care Formulation. I often travel abroad (United Kingdom , France, Spain ) to attend seminars, a masterclass , exhibitions and expo in the cosmetic industry to keep updated with the new trends and market. Always searching, which can be challenging at times, for natural or natural derivatives and/or ecofriendly materials to make wonderful and concious cosmetic products.

Love being in this path of continuous and fascinating discovery as natural world never stops to impress me. I would love to share with you my knowledge and experience for you to make beautiful and genuinely natural skincare products for you and your family and/or to start your own business creating a beautiful range of skincare products.

It is fun , rewarding and the best choice for your skin and for our planet.

Hope you enjoy my courses as much as I do !

You need to become in control of what goes on your body.

Myth #1: It is not possible to create/make a professional standard skincare product in your own kitchen.

You don’t need a professional lab to start making your own skincare products. In fact many of reputable brands started in their own kitchen. Sure you must follow a good correct procedure and method. Equipment? Most likely you already have it . Nothing sophisticated.

Myth #2: Expensive skincare products are the best.

Most of the times you are paying marketing and packaging rather than the content.

Myth #3: I don’t have time to make my own skincare products.

Making a product takes max 20 min , less time than going to the shop or online and choose which is the right product for your skin when you do not understand the cosmetic ingredients label.

Here is where the transformation takes place

  BONUS Wapo Beauty eBOOK

Fair Warning: This course is NOT for everyone...

This Complete Facial Skin Care Course is for you..

  • If you want to know WHAT you are putting on your skin
  • If you want to start making your own natural products for yourself and your family
  • If you suffer from skin conditions and bought store products do not work
  • If you have sensitive/very sensitive skin
  • If you only want to use natural/natural derivatives ingredients that come from pure nature.
  • If you don’t want to use parabens
  • If you want to save money in expensive brands
  • If you are committed to zero waste, reuse, recycle, reduce , sustainable and circular economy philosophy
  • If you are health and beauty professional and would like to detox your cabinet to offer a more natural alternative to your precious clients.
  • If you are planning to create a range of skincare products to sell in the future.

This Complete Facial Skin Care Course is NOT for you…

  • If you don’t believe that you can make your own natural skincare in the comfort of your kitchen
  • If you don’t mind to spend €70 in a high end face moisturizer (handmade will be a fraction of the cost)
  • If the packaging of a product is more important than the content
  • If you prefer to follow recipes from others and waste time, money and ingredients.
  • If you don’t see the value in handcrafting your products.

I’m 200% confident in the materials inside
The Complete Facial Skin Care Course


Let’s not wait any longer. Grab this deal before it ends.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?

The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course – you decide when you start and when you finish.

How long do I have access to the course?

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own.

Will I be able to buy cosmetic ingredients and tools easily in my country?

YES you will. I have included a few pages with suppliers website around the world that sell all the ingredients used and this course and thousands more. This list is grouped in countries for easy search. In the event you can’t find some ingredients let me know in the comment section inside the course.

What happens if I have questions during the course? …if I don’t understand some units or video tutorials.

No problem I myself (not a robot) offer tutorial support . Ask your questions in the comment box and will answer within 72 hours

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