5 Best Natural Eye Skincare Products.

Since I have had issues with my eyesight in the last few months I have become more aware about these little precious organs. I have suffered from inflammation on both eyes due to stressful events in my personal life. I learnt that the eyes are the camera of our brain . For sure stress is neither good for the brain nor for any part of our body. When your eyes are not healthy they don’t look good and the skin around the eyes is extremely fine and sensitive . The skin can get dry, dull, itchy and inflamed . 

Check your eyes with an specialist 

I was lucky to go to an ophthalmologist here in Spain who diagnosed my eye issues in less than fifteen minutes. She prescribed different type of drops that started to work immediately . One of the issues is the Dry Eye Syndrome which it is very annoying and hyaluronic acid drops work the magic. As you might already know hyaluronic acid is a super hydration humectant cosmetic ingredient for the skin. Well , it is also used in eye drops at 0.2 -0.5% . Interesting. Therefore my eyes got instantly fresh and moisturised .

Skincare for your eyes 

With the wide range of natural skincare brands available its difficult to choose the best product for your skin  around your eyes. Also you wonder what form is best: a serum, a cream, a gel-like. When  is the most effective  treatment applying a product during the day or night . These five best natural eye skincare products I am writing about to day are simply found in your kitchen cupboard  the best inexpensive choice for the delicate skin around the eyes and fresh clean eye look. The eyes are the windows of the soul , they say. I will also mention some of the main active ingredients you should seek on the ingredient label when buying a eye contour product in the stores.

Number 1

Chamomile tea, if you haven’t yet  heard that chamomile tea is great to treat conjunctivitis, allergies, irritation , dry eyes syndrome, you don’t live in this planet. I have used chamomile tea for all those conditions since I was a little girl. In Spain, manzanilla , chamomile tea is an  all round cure .

How to use it:

Just make a simple tea with organic chamomile flowers , strain it and leave the herbal infusion to cool. 

Fill an eggcup with the tea and put it on your open eye as long as you can bear it, moving the eye around in all directions. Discard the tea and fill the eggcup again for the other eye. 

Do this a couple of times a day 

Number 2


Most probably you have seen  women taking a bath with 2 slices of cucumber on her eyes in the the movies . It is true that cucumber is highly hydrating for the skin around the eyes and for inside the eyes as well. Since our eyes are the camera of our brain we need to look after them inside out and out inside.  Dr. Ainhoa de Federico  a great educator for clear vision @ainhoadefederico explains very well the importance of hydration for the eyes. I highly recommend her free course to improve your vision naturally that I am currently doing. I am amazed at the significant improvements my vision is experiencing and on the other hand I am gaining such a fascinating knowledge about how eyes work and why vision get worse due to lifestyle, nor genetic, not age.  Precious information for a precious organ in our body. 

Number 3


Fantastic home remedy to clear pigmentation , brightens dark circles , helps with inflammation and reduce puffiness around the eyes. 

Number 4

Ice cubes

Rubbing ice cubes around the eyes is stimulating of blood flow and micro veins and it works a treat to flatten those horrible eye bags .

Number 5

Main active and popular ingredients to target eye skin issues such as dark circles, puffiness, wrinkles, dry skin, irritated skin and inflammation  :

Caffeine, cucumber extract, ceramides, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, vitamin C, ferulic acid, liquorice, chamomile, vitamin K , aloe vera, 

And the last and not least the old good water. Drink , drink, drink, lots of water every day for health which it includes skin and eyes health.

The DONT’S .

Apply an skincare product on eyelids or right underneath the eye . Why? the product can enter the eye and risk irritation 

Apply expired make-up products no matter how much love them. Check the symbol of the jar with a lid open that says 6M (discard after 6 months from open) , 12M or any other number. Believe me I have been there. 

Go to bed with eye make-up on. Always remove make-up every night before going to bed . Your eyes will thank you

To make your own nice eye serum products and other skincare products for your face in a professional manner,  follow the recipes and method in my eBook here



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