DETOX plan.

Everyone is taking about detox plans in the new year…so here are my favorites to detox. I used to detox for 1 week every 3 months for years when I lived in Spain but I have to say that it is more difficult for me to follow this in Ireland especially in winter.
What I normally do is this: (Just sharing with you . It is not my intention to give any type of advice to you so please if you decide to follow this please consult with your doctor/therapist before you start )
Cut all carbohydrates out like bread, rice , pasta..any processed/fried food.
Basically eat raw food like salads, vegetables , fruits , nuts (unsalted and no roasted nuts).
No dressings only a bit extra virgin olive oil and lemon/apple cider vinegar .
No fried, only lightly cooked/steamed/, or stir fry food but without sauces.
No animal food ( meat, fish, eggs, cow milk, butter , etc )
You can drink almond milk, oat milk, rice milk , etc instead .
Plenty of water and herbal teas ( caffeine-free) Personally love artichoke tea (great detox properties and also helps to low colesterol
chamomile tea, green tea , boldo tea … Love drinking water and all type of infusions herbal teas and Green tea whether I am detoxing or not I like to drink 3 o 4 herbal teas every day . Nice way to stay warm and flushing toxins by getting amazing health benefits from these wonderful plants….and much much better alternative to coffee.
Of course no sugar, no cakes, no biscuits, no sweets . No fizzy drinks or processed juices from supermarket. (don’t like these anyway so it is helpful)
As natural supplement I like to take Milk Thistle tablets which is a well-known and excellent liver cleanser. But also seaweeds tablets like Spirulina, Chlorella work great too .
It is hard to do but you feel amazingly light and full of energy after
doing this. If you can’t do this a week try a 2-3 days preferably weekends when you are less active.

Feliz 2014!!

La Mayca

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