Emma’s Natural Soaps.

(Written: 15th April 2013)

Already heard of Emma’s Soaps? They’re probably the most natural, ethical, lovely soaps I have ever tried! True, they don’t lather as much as conventional soaps, but after using Emma’s Soaps for a few weeks my skin is definitely smoother… And I have the peace of mind that I am not putting chemicals on my skin and respecting the environment as much possible. They are the FIRST soaps I have found that DON’T USE PALM OIL. As many of you know, palm oil is used nowadays in many many conventional cosmetics, skincare products and of course in almost every soap, even those that claim to be organic and/or natural. Many of you know the controversies about palm oil plantation and its devastating effects to the Orangutan habit.


Emma’s Natural Soaps

Every business decision made, from manufacturing, through waste, to deliveries, is made with an environmental sustainable conscience. Emma’s Soap endeavors to ensure that all its products are from ethically sustainable sources, considering the world environment, animal welfare, workers’ rights and their health and safety; from oils to packaging. Emma only uses the highest grade quality oils, natural oils, first pressing, Organic, unrefined and her own Beeswax, as well as local beekeepers’. Using aromatherapy pure essential oils to fragrance each bar. Then hand wrapped in fabric, Organic fair trade cotton – a reusable packaging as Emma actively promotes ways to recycle the cloth. Emma says: ‘if all the packaging is disposed of correctly, there really is no landfill waste’

This is Emma’s philosophy, which I strongly defend, and that is why I feel proud of stocking her wonderful soaps. I had the pleasure of meeting her in person and see the artist behind these soaps.

Honestly, if you start using these 100% natural soaps, you won’t use shower gel EVER again! You can even use it to remove your make-up (I do!). Your skin feels more moisturized and softer than ever… plus the feeling that you are contributing to a better planet and animals’ safety is just wonderful!

One of my favorites  (I like them all…) is Jojoba oil calming and cleansing soap (see image below ), as I have combination skin and Jojoba oil works wonders on this type of skin.


Emma’s soaps DON’T CONTAIN petroleum or mineral oils, parabens or synthetic colours, frangrances or preservatives. Also, NO SLS or PALM OIL! “A blend of natural oils to make NOTHING but soap” – and that’s what they are! Handmade in Devon and beautifully wrapped in Organic fairtrade cotton that you can reuse and recycle to make nice jam lids, little dresses for your dollies etc… This unique wrapping allows the soap to breath naturally and you can carry the soap anywhere. And of course it makes a cute little present for anyone!

Just try one… and let me know what you think!

Ooops… Forgot something very important! As these soaps are 100% natural ONLY made with oils, they are suitable for any type of skin, including sensitive (like mine!), but if you  have extra-sensitive skin and can’t tolerate even natural essentials oils, then your best choice would be Avocado oil unscented soap:


Carpe Diem,

La Mayca

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