In-person workshops are comprehensive theoretical and  hands-on cosmetic making experience where you be part of the process of product making while interacting with like-minded people online. The perfect way to learn a new and exciting skill. Classes are open to everyone including beauty and holistic therapists, professionals and skincare entrepreneurs.

What You Will Learn:

Make your own skincare products

You will learn how to make your own personalised skincare product from scratch. We do not use ready base creams.

Experience natural skincare

You smell, feel and touch raw materials and additives to feed your skin naturally.

Gain a skill for life

You will gain the knowledge and confidence to start making your skincare products at home for yourself and your family. Make lovely skincare gifts for your friends or even start your own business selling your wonderful creations.

Enjoy your first skincare products

You will learn how to make up to 5 personalised skincare products on the day. You will notice the difference on your skin from day one. Clean and fresh radiant skin.


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