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  1. I feel a bit confused about the types of vitamin E. With the simulated natural VitE – how is it natural if it’s simulated? I don’t feel confident in when or why I would use one over the other, or even to tell which is natural and which is simulated as they’re both named ‘tocopherol ‘. Is Vit E explained in more detail later in the course or could you guide me to some more info? Thank you!

    1. Hi Natalie, simulated means NATURAL IDENTICAL , the product is made in the lab but is identical in chemistry as the natural tocopherol. Don’t worry about this at the moment. You will always know if the tocopherol is synthetic or natural as it will mentioned on the web suppliers and/or the technical documents . The important thing to know is that DL-Alpha Tocopherol is more prone to rancidity and MIXED tocopherols type is more efficient. Either or are good to start your practice.

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