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    1. Hi Edita, no you can’t really use Tocopherol in drops as it is very thick liquid honey-like consistency . You need to weight in grams or if you don’t have a 0.01 grams weight scale you could use a little spoon (baking ) of 2 ml/g even though it is not entirely accurate. The equivalence of % and drops is only for liquid products i.e. some essential oils or other extracts

  1. Thank you for your answer. i have one more question please. I tried making lip balm and would like more clarity at what temperature to add essential oils. I removed plant oils from double boiler and waited a bit, then started adding essential oils but very quickly started to solidify. And as i was pouring in the little containers, some oil was already solidified fully and stuck on the sides of the measuring jug. Perhaps because our house is cold but would like more clarity on that please. Thank you

    1. Hi Edita,
      Ideally essential oils must be added in the cool phase <40C degrees BUT in the case of making any type of balms it is not possible to wait for the mixture to cool down to 40 C degrees as you experimented the mixture gets solid and not pourable. So you just need to add essentials oils around 50-55C degrees in this particular case. You need a thermometer to measure the temperature.

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