My last chemical-free discovery? Yes. Benecos.

(Written: 24th January 2013)
My last chemical-free discovery? Yes, Make-up!
I am so happy now that I can use natural and safe make-up since I have introduced BENECOS ORGANIC MAKE-UP, certified organic by BDIH in Germany, @ my little shop!

The colors are beautiful, the quality is very good, the texture is soft, creamy and light to wear. Oopps and the smell is quite different from the conventional cosmetics! This make-up smells more natural a kind of…. more “fruity”, I think.


I have tried a few other well-known organic make-up brands and I never really liked it, as the colors weren’t attractive and bright enough and texture was hard and dry, just like the old-fashioned cosmetics that my mother used to wear. I guess it must be difficult and challenging to make cosmetics with natural ingredients… Still, the BENECOS team did succeed!

I just love the feeling of taking part in showing women that natural make-up can also be fancy and glamorous! And don’t forget the big plus – it won’t damage your skin in a short or long term basis and, what is even more important, your body won’t absorb toxic chemicals that go into your bloodstream, as up to 70% of what we put on our skin can be absorbed. FACT! Otherwise, laboratories wouldn’t have found parabens in breast cancer tissues and doctors who have been quite ignorant about the use of cosmetics and its consequences. Now, they advise cancer patients not to use cosmetics i.e. creams, lotions, deodorants, that may contain toxic chemicals. At last! Well, BENECOS not only don’t use parabens, but also paraffins, petrochemicals, fragrances, preservatives, heavy metals ( i.e. lead, aluminium) either… how amazing is this? It is the make-up that I have been waiting for soooooooooo long and here it is @ my shop!

Prices? They range from €6 for Natural Eye pencil to €12 Natural Foundation (matte complexion), which will add moisture to your skin… how amazingly affordable is this?! I used to spent €20 (completely mad!) in a Yves Saint Lauren lipstick. Lucky me, I don’t do that anymore… I just LOVE the Natural Lipgloss… sooo glossy, but not plastic!
benecos Natural Lipstick pink rose

I tested Benecos products (I have very sensitive/combination skin and VERY sensitive eyes) before bringing them to my stock. I tried the mascara (BTW, I love its smell…), and I left it overnight on purpose, just to see if it would cause any irritation to my eyes. The following morning, my eyes were just perfect. Half of mascara was obviously gone, butno sign of a bad reaction… You may call me crazy, but I have tried every single thing that I sell @ Wapo myself – some of them I even used on my own children! It’s just the only way for me to be able to recommend them to you – I always make sure my Customers get only the best of natural organic skin care products!

benecos Natural Mascara Maximum Volume deep black


Benecos Organic Make-up. Beautiful. Safe. Affordable.


Carpe diem,

La Mayca

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3 Responses

  1. hi, i want to try the beneco makeup foundation and powder but dont know which colour to try, am fair skinned but not as pale as some and tan a little in summer, brown hair, green eyes if that helps? maybe you can recommend which to try or explain the shades abit more, thanks.

    1. Hi Jocelyn, There are 3 shades on Benecos make-up foundation and 4 shades on Benecos powder. HONEY foundation and SAND compact powder or MEDIUM BEIGE mineral powder would be the suitable shades for you. Just click in our SHOP and visit our MAKE-UP category to make an order. Let me know if you need any help. Thanks for reading our blog. Mayca

  2. I have just ordered the nude liquid foundation? I am blonde hair blue eyes , fair skin….I’m hoping this is the right shade for me, in conventional makeup I usually opted for ivory, or ivory rose….but the nude looked the lightest of the shades available, I really hope I was correct??! Em.

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