Gift Making Online Workshop – Natural Skincare Gifts


Create your own natural skincare gifts for friends and family. Enrol in this online workshop that includes recipes, methods and 2 hours video recording class.

Give something with meaning and create beautiful handmade skincare gifts. 

Making cosmetics at home is fun, interesting, inspiring, fascinating and so good for your skin and well-being. It also allows you to know exactly what is in your products. If it is good for you, then it is good for others, too.

Many times we have the same challenge, as we want to get something different and unique, yet not too expensive. The idea is often to give something with meaning and is personal to them or to your relationship to ensure that person will love it and use it.

Making rather than buying can be a great choice when it comes to giving personal gifts that will be loved. Crafting something that people use every day, something natural with 0% toxic chemicals that can be tailored to different skin types. When you make something with your hands and gift that to a person you care about, that gift becomes priceless and unforgettable.

In this workshop, you will be making natural skincare gifts for your loved ones. You will learn how to make:

Grapefruit Shower scrubs

Chocolate Lotion Hearts

Lotus Face masks pots

Ginger Bath cookies


Lavender Bath Bombs


If you have any questions please contact me directly.



Learn from the expert.

  • Founder of Wapo Beauty School, the 1st natural skincare school in Ireland
  • 12 years experience in natural skincare industry
  • 6 years empowering students to make natural skincare 
  • Certificate in Advanced Cosmetic Science
  • Diploma in Food Science and Nutrition
  • Former Manufacturer Manager in Yogandha oils, Dublin.

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