How to sell your skincare legally in Ireland and EU

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How to sell your products legally in Ireland and Europe eBook

What to do, how to do it,  and when to do it

A step-by-step process

Immediately downloadable

This eBook is designed to help guide you on your cosmetic journey to sell your skincare legally, as well as save you time and money along the way. For cosmetic makers looking to sell your skincare legally in Ireland and Europe, you will find detailed information in a step-by-step format.
Technical jargon can sometimes get in the way of our understanding, especially when it comes to laws and regulations. Therefore, I have laid out this information in the same way that I would explain it in person.
I hope that after you purchase this eBook you will read it carefully and begin the process of getting your products to comply with EU cosmetic regulations, in order to sell your skincare legally. The contents of this eBook include helpful tips and useful contacts which will save you time, money, and frustration. It includes what, why, and how to do everything you need to do to get your products up to legal standard.
If you have already tried to sell your skincare legally, but felt confused by the technical jargon, regulations, and laws, then this eBook is for you. If you want to learn how to sell your skincare legally in the future, this eBook is for you, too. Not only will this eBook clarify where to start, it will help guide you through to the end of the legal process.
I strongly recommend that you get this eBook and read it carefully to fully understand the steps. Take your time to complete each step and do not try to understand or do everything all at once.
Happy journey x
Mayca Fernández is a certified natural and organic cosmetic making professional and educator. The information in this eBook is based on her personal and professional experience. Fernández worked as a manufacturing manager at Yoghanda, overseeing thousands of skincare products every month for two years. She has also worked in the natural skincare world for nearly ten years and holds Certificate in Advanced Cosmetic Science. Mayca Fernández is the founder of WapoBeauty the first natural skincare making school in the Republic of Ireland.

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