Skin benefits of sesame oil.

Skin benefits of sesame oil

I visited the Vegan Festival in Dublin last September 2017 and bumped into Bayin Foods stall to meet wonderful twins John and Katrina …..who were selling sesame oil , peanut oil and others. Beautiful people with a beautiful mission in  Myanmar (formerly Burma in South East Asia) where they source these wonderful oils to import  to Europe  to help the farmers sell their goods internationally whilst giving back to local schools in the form of resources.

INCI name : Sesamum Indicum

Sesame oil makes a great oil skin. For the season we are in , it makes a important addition to your beauty regime as sesame oil is a natural sun protection oil with SPF 2-3 (let’s be positive and think that summer will eventually arrive to Ireland)  You can use sesame oil to make balms, serums, body oils, wonderful face and body lotions and creams, eye serum, in fact any skincare and haircare product.

Very often you will see this oil with its botanical name Sesamum Indicum as a first ingredients in many luxurious face serum oil. It is one of my personal favorite beauty oil as it is so versatile, odourless, love the velvety feel ! Love supporting Irish businesses and John from Bayin Foods has kindly offered a bottle of sesame oil for a Facebook competition on my business page. I have made wonderful soaps with this oil, I have used it in many skincare formulas and will use it in my next skincare making class on the 28th April.

Skin benefits of sesame oil

Easily absorbed by the skin

Healing properties to the capillaries at the lowest skin layers

Natural protector against sun damage and UV exposure

Helpful to remove lice from scalp and hair

High in phytosterols which preserve the oil giving a long shelf life.


Moisturizing, nourishing, softening

Regulate sebum production (great for acne and oily skin)

Great oil to infuse herbs

Restore cuticles and nails

Suitable for pregnancy

Reduce broken capillaries (thread veins or spider veins)

Excellent oil for baby massage (watch out for nut allergies !!)

Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. Used in Ayuverdic therapy as pulling or oil swishing

High lecithin content which helps to emulsify with water easier when you are making a cream/emulsion.

It mixes well with Sunflower oil (Organic) , jojoba oil, castor, coconut, peach kernel, Rosehip oil (Organic) . Mixing all these oils in equal parts will result in a fantastic nourishing moisturizing body or face oil. Excellent oil for massage as well and you can add essential oils of your preference.

Note: Sesame oil for the skin must be cold pressed and NOT roasted as the one you use for cooking.

There you go a very affordable beauty oil at your doorstep. The price for the 250ml bottle  is €4.99 !!  They are available in most Supervalues in Dublin, Avoca, plus independent stores across Ireland and online ( and Asia Market (

Thanks for reading

La Mayca x

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  1. I always use organic skin care products and I recommend to all friends that all of you should use it. You have given the skin benefits of sesame oil. I liked it very much. I hope to read more good posts here in the future

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