Synthetic? Natural? Just read the label!.

(Written: 28th September 2012) I honestly don’t know where to start… So many things to say!!! No matter what many beauty bloggers, models, celebrities, doctors, nurses, skin experts, your friends, neighbors and many other people say about skincare products – please read the label to see what ingredients are in your product and try to get conscious/educated about what you put on your skin that may eventually go into your body! Everything that goes into your body will impact positively or negatively on your health… and our health is our REAL wealth… Agree? So what’s my advice? Don’t go and buy a product just because someone ELSE says that something is good. If we all use our common sense we would spend our money more sensibly and more assertively with the result of better skin. Read the ingredients label and when you see a word that you don’t understand it could be a nasty, SYNTHETIC ingredient, even though ironically it would say NATURAL, ORGANIC, or whatever on the front label of the product. How do you know that an ingredient is natural? I mean, that it comes from pure Nature? Normally you will find names of oils such as Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Olive Oil… these are obviously NATURAL ingredients. Also, Latin names such as Calendula officinalis or Lavandula angustifolia are the official terminology for plants required by INCI. Other common natural ingredients are the lovely essential oils packed with all sort of benefits not only for your skin, but also for your mind. These are the ingredients that your skincare products should contain. Nothing more, nothing less! Ahhh… Important note: the less ingredients on the label, the more natural the product is. Have you ever wondered why the label in conventional cosmetics is huge and full of words with small letters? Most of the products contain more than 50 ingredients! Sure, going on a cosmetic hunt, you are usumally more focused on finding out what the product is going to do to your skin. Sure, reading the ingredients list is actually the boring part of the whole search. Sure, you may make your hunting easier and just ignore the label… But then you wonder – why that product doesn’t work? Why my skin is still dry (if not drier than before!), why my hair is dull… And you find yourself at the beginning of the same “searching mission” of the miraculous product. AGAIN. Girls! It is all about getting the right ingredients that your skin needs! And the LESS is MORE!   Carpe Diem, La Mayca

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