Trilogy Mineral Radiance Mask.

Trilogy Mineral Radiance Mask

It does what it says on the tin without a doubt. I personally love clay products for my face as I have seen over the years that they work so well cleaning your skin deeply and leaving your face clear , radiant and properly fed and boosted too. I have tried many different clays like red, green, white …they are all good full packed of minerals and it is the earthiest thing you can use.

Trilogy Mineral Radiance mask contains the well-known mineral rich Kaolin clay , well-known and extraordinary nourishing anti-aging Rosehip oil ( big fan here ! ) and regenerating pohutukawa extract.

The great thing about this mask is the texture is very silky as opposed to pure clay powder that you need to mix in water and apply to your skin . With Trilogy Radiance Mask you don’t feel any tightening as it is very sumptuous and creamy and it smells absolutely divine. Very easy to rinse too ….no messy . You try you love it !

I have being a fan of TRILOGY products for years as I am a Rosehip oil lover which is the star ingredient in the whole range.

Trilogy products so far has not disappointed me  even though I have extra sensitive skin myself.

Buy Trilogy Mineral Radiance Mask here 

See me in the pic last night !

trilogy mineral radiance mask


La Mayca x

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