Zero Packaging Beauty Tips.

With Earth Day not far behind us, many people are reflecting on ways to become greener. The zero packaging or low impact lifestyle definitely has its appeal. Although, for many, it can seem unattainable—especially if you have a big family or young children. Nevertheless, any steps you can take towards minimizing waste and reducing your carbon footprint are a huge help. Zero packaging beauty is a small, but significant way to protect the environment.

Whether you’re in a big city or a small town, there are likely to be some beauty resources around you. All you have to do is look! While that is always easier said than done, we understand that you could use a few pointers. Here are some great ways to get started with zero packaging beauty.

Shop wisely

If you decide to purchase your cosmetics, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Choosing eco-friendly cosmetics means thinking about their ingredients, as well as, how the product got to the shelf in the first place. Making a conscious effort to only give your money to brands that support transparency is essential.

Buy local

Shopping locally is best for the environment. Mostly, that’s because local cosmetics have lower carbon emissions tied to them. No matter how organic or environmentally safe a product is, if it has to get on a plane to get to you it’s still polluting. Furthermore, plenty of local brands opt for little to no packaging. Shopping at a local market or store means that you bring your own bags and containers, eliminating packaging altogether.

Support responsible brands

As the reality of climate change hangs above our heads, lots of brands are reassessing their ways. Beyond implementing recycling schemes, plenty of companies are choosing sustainable or zero waste packaging. While sustainable packaging uses natural materials like bamboo and paper, it continues to create waste. Beauty brands moving towards zero packaging are going solid. Solid form is the key to eliminating packaging while still providing lovely shampoos, conditioners, creams and more.

For people who desire more environmentally conscious beauty routines, zero packaging is the ticket. Unfortunately, not everyone lives in a place that has eco-friendly stores or access to zero packaging products. However, responsible brands that provide carbon neutral shipping can help. There may be a natural cosmetics or zero waste store near you that can deliver your packaging free beauty products. Be sure to do your research!

Refuse, reuse, recycle

A large part of going zero packaging is dealing with all the cosmetics you already have. Chances are, you have quite a few tucked away in your cabinet at this very moment. If the products you have are made from plastic, it’s crucial that you recycle them appropriately. While plastic isn’t biodegradable, some kinds of plastic are also not safe for reuse. However, feel free to get creative reusing containers that are.

Reusing containers that you already have at home is fundamental in zero packaging beauty. No matter if you’re going to a shop or making your own beauty products at home, containers are always helpful. Glass jars are great for storing scrubs, toners, and all those liquid concoctions. Amber glass helps to prolong the life spans of oils and vinegar. Cute little tins and boxes are a great way to store soap and shampoo bars neatly.

While you may not have all of those containers sitting around your house, you most likely have a few. Those that you don’t have can easily be purchased at an eco-friendly shop near you. Although, bear in mind that a cornerstone of zero packaging is also learning when to say no. Refusing to buy products that have a lot of packaging that can’t be reused is a straightforward way to reduce waste. Understandably, it can be hard to say goodbye to some beauty favorites, but remember that it’s for a good cause.

Make your own cosmetics

Plenty of people who turn to low impact lifestyles eventually begin to make their own products. Creating cosmetics at home gives you power over your beauty routine. First of all, it allows you to choose what goes into a product. Second, it will enable you to create that product whenever you need it and not depend on a shop to stock it. Finally, it helps you to reduce packaging and waste significantly.

The options are endless! From the comfort of your home you can easily craft:

  • Soap bars
  • Skincare
  • Oils

You can reuse old containers for your creations and refuse wasteful products at the same time. While you’ll need to purchase ingredients, you can always find a responsible supplier with the zero waste store directory.

To conclude

Beginning your zero packaging journey will require time and effort. It won’t always be easy, but pat yourself on the back because your mindful consumption will help the environment immensely. For more a more hands-on learning experience, check out WapoBeauty’s Soapmaking Workshop for Beginners. In this workshop, Mayca will teach you everything you need to know about making soap at home. Then, you’ll be one step closer to eliminating beauty packaging completely!


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