4 Best recommended natural shampoos that I love and you need to try.

4 best natural shampoos

People have asked me many times over the years what natural shampoos I would recommend that don’t contain harsh chemicals and leave your hair clean and shiny without being aggressive to the  scalp.

Getting a bit technical and only for you to understand, shampoos are a water-based product which MUST contain a preservative among many other ingredients in order to keep the product stable, safe to use, long shelf life, it lathers well,  unless you make a “fresh” shampoo that you use immediately this is the way it is if you want to have a bottle of ready made shampoo in your shower as you expect.

Now another important factor is the price. Natural shampoos are not cheap, especially when you have a family of five like it is my case . Natural shampoos price range is from 8 euros to 25 euros the bottle.

I am a bit picky myself with shampoos, my hair is normal , I don’t have and have never had much issues with my hair, well yes I started to loose some hair last year but I have actually formulated my own hair serum which works brilliant and keep my hair, strong, healthy and shiny.

Over the years I have tried many “natural” shampoos , I mean shampoos that contain quite a big percentage of natural ingredients comparing to the conventional cheapy ones you get in the supermarkets.

My very first demand is that the shampoo must NOT have SLS (Sodium Laureth Sulphate) and this is already VERY difficult to find so when I don’t see this ingredient after “Aqua” on the ingredients label then I decide to keep reading otherwise I stop and leave the bottle back on the shelf.

Sodium Laureth sulphate is in nearly all shampoos, shower gels, soaps, and even skincare products like moisturizers, face wash  and many more. It is a detergent that makes a lot of foam giving the feeling of cleanliness but extremely aggressive for the skin as it removes the natural moist of your skin hence you can see many products now saying (SLS free) .

So based on this here are my favorite natural shampoos  in order of preference


Number ONE – Dead Sea spa-magik shampoo (my and my husband’s favorite ) €10.95

First of all it smells DIVINE , fresh , ocean, it lathers very well, it cleans my hair properly leaving it very soft and a kind of fluffy I would say , like light-weighed kind of feeling if you know what I mean. Fantastic short ingredients list (remember the less the better !!) starting with Harmonized water and sea salt. …good start ! My husband who suffers from scalp psoriasis find it extremely good to reduce itchiness and scalp inflammation. This shampoo is the closest experience to have a swim in the sea !


Number TWO -Faith in Nature shampoo (best value) €7.99 

I remember that first time I tried this shampoo I didn’t like it and some years ago I visited an Expo in Birminghan (UK) and Faith in Nature had an stall and told them my feedback . Surprisingly they said that the formula had been improved and I should give it another chance. I did and liked it a lot . The range of this natural shampoos included ones for different type of hair and all of them smell very nice and fresh .



Number THREE -Intelligent Nutrient shampoo (Luxurious) €22 

Wowwww the peppermint essential oil smell is the first thing you notice in this shampoo. Also after using felt my hair volume increased which it really works for me. It lathers nicely and its texture is quite silky. Peppermint essential oil not only smells wonderful , refreshing and uplifting but it is a common stimulating hair growth ingredient found in shampoos of all kind. Up? it leaves your hair super clean, super soft and nice bouncy volume which I love . Down? a bit pricey but worthy I guess.


Number FOUR – INSIGHT shampoo   (2 in 1) €8.25

This brand is Italian and have just discovered few weeks ago in my local health store. Love the packaging and the fact it comes with a pump. They have few choices and bought LOSS CONTROL fortifying shampoo as since I have suffered a bit of a hair loss a couple of years ago my focus is always strengthening my hair as I do not have any other issue to tackle. I tried it and it is super extra smooth shampoo so much so that I don’t need to use hair conditioner afterwards. Although it leaves my hair very flat and my hair is already very fine and straight.



Numbers 1-2-4 can be purchased in health stores nationwide and online and number 3 online and Avoca – as far as I know but check other exclusive stores in Ireland.

What natural shampoos have you tried ? did you like it?  do you want to know which shampoo would be good for you ? feel free to ask me …

On the other note  I had the pleasure to meet Ify the owner of www.bnatural.ie  in one of my bodycare workshops ,  she highly recommended Jamaican black castor oil for haircare which is pure and unrefined as hot oil treatment for dry and damaged hair, hair growth and thinning hair.I always knew that Castor oil is a great ingredient to stimulate hair growth and has amazing skin benefits as it goes through the three skin layers hence it reaches hair follicles. Jamaican hair serum recipe will be in the bonus pack of my haircare workshop.You can fin Jamaican castor oil in Bnatural online health store in the link below


If you wish to make your own haircare products at home have a look my Introduction to Natural haircare workshop HERE

Carpe diem

La Mayca x


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  1. Any advice on home made shampoo? i’ve heard that baking soda and then rinsing with apple cider vinegar is good, but i’ve also heard that it’s hard to get the balance right. Do you have any other ideas? Anything with essential oils ?

    1. Hi Amy yes you are right it is about getting the balance right. Cosmetic making is not about mixing ingredients and that’s it . You need to know proportions, percentages and why and follow a reliable stable formula . Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), apple cider vinegar and many other good natural ingredients are excellent for the skin and hair but you need to know how much of which in order to get a proper safe and effective product. If I come across a good reliable homemade recipe I will keep you posted. Thank you for your comments xx

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