5 best holistic massage therapists with a magic touch in Ireland.


Massage, Reiki and Ancient Drumming, Chanting and Singing Therapy

Susana Palazzotti is ITEC qualified Holistic Massage and Reflexology therapist, member of Association of Registered Complementary Health Therapists of Ireland. She has performed massage in Buenos Aires, Canary Island, Spain and Dublin; with more than fourteen years of experience in different massage techniques.She performs various techniques in relaxing, remedial and sports massage depending on the needs and preferences of the client: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sport Massage, Pregnancy, Indian Head Massage, and Reflexology on feet and hands. Lymphatic Drainage for Cellulite and Slimming.

In addition she is Reiki healer, Usui Tibetan Method, acting as a channels for the Universal Energy to pass into the patient to promote healing, balance and relaxation. Also she is Shamanic Practitioner since 1997. In the practice she performs Healing Massage, using her drum and rattles to invoke the guide of the elements of Nature, Masters, Ancestors and Angels and gets from them loving and compassionate help and information. This is an ancient, drumming, chanting and singing therapy that has come from her ancestors and down her genetic line. She has studied with instructors of Foundation of Shamanic Studies, founded by Michael Harner, California, USA. It is a very ancient and personalize healing for each person to help where they need it most. Reiki and Healing Massage unlock and balance the energy of the Chakras. Release, relieve and activate the energetic flow of the body; create deep relaxation; release stress and tension; accelerate the body’s self healing abilities after surgery and chemotherapy; help to recover from injuries and chronic illness; aid in the grieving process; create consolation and healing; release negative emotions trapped in the physical and spiritual body; bring concentration and mental clarity; increase self-awareness; enhance self confidence and self esteem. Both, Reiki and Healing massage are specially recommended for client with medical condition as cancer, heart and other physical problems and emotional unbalance as depression, anxiety and stress.

Basement, 1 Haig Terrace, Dun Laoghaire – Dublin South (next door to Maritime Museum of Ireland and close to Lexicon Dun Laoghaire Library)

Booking in advance 083 417 7197 – Gift Certificate Available





Intuitive healing, Reiki, Crystal and wellness 
Mary Henry aka Carnelian moon is an intuitive healer. She words with many modalities to restore harmony to the whole person. Mary is a trained teacher and along her journey began to integrate mindfulness and sound into her teaching. She trained as a crystalline matrix reiki master in NYC many years ago. Her passion for natural wellness includes blending gem and essential oil elixirs using intuitive guidance. Offering classes, sound baths and one to one healing session in Dublin Holistic Centre, 28 lower William st, Dublin 2 , Tel. 083 801 6932




Holistic massage and intuitive therapist 

Elena Rodriguez 

I am a very intuitive therapist, specializing in holistic massage for wellbeing and healing. The aim in all my treatments is to facilitate the body to go back to balance understanding not only the physical structures of your body but as well your emotions, mind and spirit.

I am very interested in the way the emotions affect our physiology causing illness or dysfunction, and how to get all that back to balance to empower one-self.

What I do best is:

  • Supporting you in your process of trauma release or periods of stress, anxiety/depression in your life.
  • Easing pain in body and improving flexibility when you have a chronic condition or illness.
  • Comforting and supporting your body when a when your body is overcoming an aggressive illness or therapy (cancer, HIV/aids,…)
  • Treating acute muscular injuries that involve soft tissues like tendons, fascia or muscles, and supporting you in the healing of other mayor muscle-skeletal injuries being treated by surgery or physical therapy facilitating balance and releasing adhesions in the adjacent tissues involved.
  • Helping you to connect with your soul to maintain health and improve your performance in life or your physical sport.


Tel. 086 3283658



Time to find Peace!
Therese O’Connell Holistic Therapist / Hypnotherapist. I offer one to one intuitive healing sessions, incorporating various modalities to suit each person’s individual physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs. Helping you to find inner peace, awareness and well-being, and also introduce you to the tools for self care.
Also available is the fabulous relaxing Aroma Touch Therapy where I work with Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade oils, incorporating the meridians in back and feet. These oils help to balance and heal the body and mind. For an appointment phone or text 0877531979


Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Carmen Marin is an Acupuncturist and Chinese Medical Massage Tuina practitioner based in Clonee, Dublin 15 and Naas, County Kildare. Carmen has obtained a Diploma in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) with the Spanish MTC school in collaboration with Beijing and Yunnan universities, where she studied Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine and Chinese Medical Massage called Tuina. She also has a Certificate and Diploma in Tuina from Tuina Therapy Ireland. For Carmen it is important to provide each person with individualised care and attention. Her holistic and patient-centred approach allows her to treat the root cause of health problems, rather than just temporarily deal with the symptoms. She uses Acupuncture, Chinese Medical Massage Tuina, Auricular Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Cupping Therapy and Bach flowers, giving the patient the most personalised care possible.

She has successfully treated patients for a wide range of conditions including sciatica, frozen shoulder, back and hip pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, stress, insomnia, headaches, menstrual problems and pregnancy issues, such as pelvic and back pain or morning sickness. Carmen is also offering cosmetic acupuncture for facial rejuvenation.

To fully understand how Acupuncture works, it is necessary to get familiar with the Chinese philosophy and its concept of health and disease. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), disease is linked to an energetic imbalance within the body. Stimulating specific acupoints can help re-establish balance in body tissues and its related organs. As all tissues and organs of the body are interdependent, the whole body is affected by the procedure and the energy flow is regulated in all body parts. Acupuncture is a good example of TCM’s holistic approach to cure not only the illness itself, but also its cause. In many cases the best results from a treatment is obtained by using Acupuncture and Tuina Medical Massage simultaneously, as they complement each other and are both built on the same medical foundations.

Acupuncture is best known to treat the following health issues:

Stress and Anxiety
Sleep disturbances
Chronic pain (neck, period pain, widespread pain, etc.)
Acute and chronic lower back pain
Tennis elbow
Golfer’s elbow
Frozen shoulder
Recurring headaches
Jaw pain/TMJD
Fibromyalgia syndrome
Post-surgery pain
Pain linked to sports injuries
Repetitive strain injury & Carpal tunnel syndrome
Digestive problems
Fertility issues
Facial Rejuvenation

Acupuncture can be seen as a non-invasive and a drug-free alternative to western medicine. It is applied by inserting a tiny needle through the skin at areas known as acupoints in order to get a therapeutic effect.

Carmen Marin is based in Dublin 15 +353 857520901 and also works in Naas Co. Kildare
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