9 homemade personal care products I am taking on my holidays.

9 homemade personal care products I am taking on my holidays

Yes my sun holidays will be in September this year when everyone has come back to Ireland I will escape the rain , the clouds and the wind . I can’t wait to feel real hot sun on my skin and visit my beautiful home country Spain. I have made few essential products that work brilliant on me and my family. I love carrying the least possible when I travel, therefore my focus is bringing as many multipurpose skin and hair care products possible and just about the right amount of them. Normally don’t go over 100 ml bottles that will be enough for the 2 weeks. Need room in my suitcase to bring Spanish lovely food and other stuff that I can’t get here.

Product number 1

A powerful face serum /moisturizer/occlusive -oil based – with a lot of high performance high antioxidant oils that will protect my skin from sun damage, I will use it as my day moisturizer (before sun cream)  night moisturizer and after sun care …yes 3 in 1 !!! I don’t need anymore. My face serum contains amazing plant oils such as:


Organic carrot infused oil (homemade)

Pumpkin seed oil

Organic Rosehip oil

Evening primrose oil

Argan oil

Organic cold pressed avocado oil

Organic sunflower oil

Sea buckthorn CO2 extract

Organic cold pressed olive oil

Vitamin E

Rosemary antioxidant CO2 extract

A 30ml bottle of this super synergy serum will do for me.

Product number 2

Chamomile water and Rose water – in spray dark plastic bottle to refresh, cool down my skin when my face feels thirsty. I place it in the fridge or even freezer overnight and take it with me all day. Hydration on-the-go as it best…..and you know what it works great as deodorant too !! so another 3 in 1 product !!

Product number 3

Insects repelent – Blend of  essential oils in a carrier oil. My poor little daughter is the target for mosquitos in summer holidays. Essential oils : French basil, bergamot, virginian cerdawood, citronella (got a gift of Indonesian Organic citronella from one of my students and it smells totally different to the ones I have smelt before ), clove , cypress,  geranium, lavender,lemongrass, may chang, patchouli, rosemary.

Product number 4

I will buy Organic Aloe vera gel when over there in Spain as an overall body refreshing moisturizer, after sun care, insect bites, and other skin conditions that might appear. But Aloe vera is not enough if mosquito or other creature bites are severe and inflamed , that get really nasty so I am bringing a blend of essetial oils in my chamomile infused oil with chamomile, bergamot, lavender, tea tree ,  French basil with high concentration .


Product number 5

Body moisturizer for all the family will be number 4 Aloe Vera gel is water based so I will get a big pot of coconut oil as very basic daily moisturizer  for all uses (no for the face )including hair protection before going to the beach and pool….another 3-1 product !!! love it !! You can mix the 2 of them in the palm of your hand and apply to your skin to make a more intense moisturizer on the go !! or mix a bigger amount put it in a big glass jar and keep in the fridge in your hotel/apartment but discard after 1-2 weeks as it does not contain preservative.

Product number 6

Peppermint foot butter . To refresh and intensively moisturize my dry feet and heels. I know that I will walk a lot in flip flops all day and aloe vera or coconut oil are not rich enough for dry and cracked heels. I am bringing a foot butter made with shea butter, plant oils and peppermint essential oil to cool down my feet. So I am intending to do some cycling on my holidays  Made a peppermint refreshing intense moisturising foot cream to keep my feet cool and soft ! Cute label isn’t it ?

Product number 7

Lip balms of course. Few of them scattered in different bags and purse , for your children , for your husband…your lips are covered and protected with beautiful 100% natural ingredients. You know you make a batch of 100 grms lipbalms and get 12 tins ,….lip balms for the whole year !!

Product number 8

A couple of bar of my olive and coconut natural handmade soap to wash hands, face and body .

Product number 9

Shampoo bar is a fantastic option. Leaves your hair clean and smooth and suitable for every hair type. Zero packaging and it lasts ages , and takes a little space.

Make up?

Not really much . A lip gloss and eye pencil the sun will provide a nice natural glow ! and no make-up remover product but you could use coconut oil.

Well 9 products in total that’s more than enough for me …like to travel light….all of these will fit in a standard toilet bag perfectly.

La Mayca x



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