9 best essential oils for haircare.

9 best essential oils for haircare

After studying essential oils for skincare and haircare, I have realized that there are some great all round essential oils  that are good for different scalp and hair conditions, those ones you won’t go wrong as they have multiple benefits , then you find other specific essential oils to treat specific hair and scalp issues.

I thought to talk about some of the multi-benefit ones as basic ones to look for in your haircare products or for you to add them to your formula in your homemade shampoos, hair conditioner, masks, tonic . If you are not making your own products yet , you can add a couple of drops in your shampoo  and mix it up in the palm of your hand before shampooing or conditioning your hair.

Number 1

Rosemary  (Rosemary officinalis) – I think this is the king of essential oils when it comes to haircare. It is good for everything from stimulating scalp, promotes hair growth,  greasy hair, dandruff haircare in general  … smells fresh, herby, medicinal, uplifting, reviving…not impressed that has been used as medicine and food for centuries.  Avoid during pregnancy, not to be used by epileptics.

Number 2

Cedarwood (Cedrus atlantica and Juniperus Virginiana) Cedarwood Virginian smells much better than Atlas in my opinion. Great to treat dandruff and hair loss. IMPORTANT : Cedarwood is best avoid during pregnancy, Virginian variety can cause abortion . Please do not use these oils without consulting with a qualified Aromatherapist.

Number 3

Chamomile (Matricaria recutica and Anthemis nobilis)

Great for haircare in general especially to treat sensitive, irritated scalp/skin and good for lifeless and damaged hair.

On the other note : Did you know that Chamomile infusion (tea) is fantastic to highlight your hair naturally ?? I haven’t read this , my mom used to put chamomile infusion with a cotton wool to lighten and bright my hair when I was a child , I was blonde ( for Andalusian girl is not common to be blonde) , my mother loved my blonde hair and she was afraid that at some point my hair darkened .

Number 4

Lavender  (Lavandula angustifolia)

The traditional one for all oil !!

Good to treat lice and dandruff. Good for all hair types including irritated , sensitive scalp. Basically if you have Rosemary and Lavender essential oils at home you could cover a lot of haircare needs .

Number 5

Geranium (Perlagonium graveolens)

Good for normal hair and to treat lice – good to know now that children are going back to school soon . I personally love Bourbon variety of Geranium but  can cause dermatitis and not sure if the hair benefits are the same as this Geranium

Number 6

Ylang Ylang (Cananga odorata var.genuina)

Really good essential oil to promote hair growth and normal , dry and oily hair and treat hair loss. Shame that I can not use this oil myself as it makes me sick causing headache and nauseas …no thanks !! It is quite pungent aroma  be aware using just very few drops and always combine with other essential oils

Number 7

Tea tree ( Melaleuca alternifolia)

Who doesn’t know this Australian oil ? Tea tree is a well-known anti-infection, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, anti-fungi ,bactericidal oil to treat dandruff effectively.

Number 8

Sandalwood (Santalum album)

Great one for dry and damaged hair and irritation of the scalp. Smells so nice !

Number 9

Grapefruit (Citrus x paradisi)

Good for hair growth and oily hair. On other note it is good for headaches…so it can be a good 2 purposes hair product. Just be aware when formulating your shampoos that citrus essential oils tend to thin your product.


PLEASE use essential oils with caution. Consult an aromatherapist qualified if you do not know how to use essential oils. Pregnancy and children are restricted for use of essential oils . Avoid use of essential oils on people who suffer from epilepsy . Always patch test 24hrs any new essential oils before using them in your products. 


Make a shampoo with 2-3 essential oils , a hair tonic with other 2-3 , hair mask with other 2-3 to get the benefit all of them in different aromas

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La Mayca x

Note: All my skincare recipes/formulas are made and shared in the good faith for information and educational purposes only to encourage people to you use natural sustainable products. They are  based on my natural skincare knowledge and experience for more than 8 years . These recipes/formula are not prescriptions nor tend to replace any medication/products no claim as to their effectiveness.  The reader takes total responsibility in making and using them . 

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  1. Just saw avocado oil in also last Sunday for 4.99. I think it is organic if I remember correctly .i have used it before and it is fab

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