My best natural tips to treat eczema.

My best natural tips to treat eczema

Eczema is caused mainly by allergies, intolerances, environmental and emotional reasons. Stress, food intolerance and allergies, dust mites , indoor heating and lack of sun are some of them. Basically is due to hipersensitivity of the body that suffers hyper-reaction. I have had a long experience with ezcema as my eldest daughter 23 y/o started to suffer from eczema and asthma when she was 6 months baby and have it for many many years. Now she has some flare ups when she is more stressed than usual but overall is under control.  Treating eczema is not easy as you should cover different areas but you could improve your skin with a proper ALWAYS NATURAL skincare products and by changing and adopting good healthy life habits. Main task is keeping the skin moisturized at all times to prevent cracking that can lead to cuts and infection.

1.(ONLY IN CASES OF INFECTED and BLEEDING AREAS)  Wash your body/ face/ hair  with natural mild wash products that contain aloe vera, tea tree oil , chamomile oil . Pat dry with a cotton towel. Avoid SLS and other sulphates detergents.

2- Follow by Organic Pure Aloe Vera gel  that you can use as many times as you like. Cooling effect of aloe vera gel is very pleasant for eczema patches normally feel hot.  You might feel your skin a bit tight but it is normal due to natural texture-jelly of Aloe Vera. This product can be used on any type of eczema. This is “ superfood for your skin” , if you missed my post about aloe vera you can have a read here

You can also use Chamomile hydrolat (floral water) by spraying all over your skin . It is anti-inflammatory and  prevent TWL (transpidermal water loss)

Only by following the points above your skin will start to heal, calm and regenerate after few days. Be patient !! It will take time though as your lifestyle , food habits , stress might affect negatively or positively .

When your skin is not infected/bleeding any longer and it is fully repair you can use moisturizers in form of balms , butter, oils of your preference.


Dry skin with redness, inflammation, itchiness
1. To wash your skin please use ONLY natural plant oils products. Cold process soaps mainly made from rich conditioning oils and butters such as: shea butter, coconut oil, avocado oil , sesame oil. Foaming effect is not really the key it is about give emollient and nourishing effects to the skin. Or use very mild shower gels made from aloe vera, lavender and chamomile  essential oils with a low detergent percentage.
2. Apply a good intensive moisturizer (fragrance free) can be pure Organic Shea butter 100% Natural Intensive Moisturiser or Raw virgin coconut oil as a light moisturizer. Suitable for face and body and sensitive skin.

Apply softly –not rubbing- You might feel a tiny bit of stingy sensation but it is normal as the sensitive skin is naturally reacting to new ingredients.  Massage the product over gently until is completely absorbed. You will feel your skin deeply moisturized . If you prefer to use oils to moisturize your skin you could apply Organic Sweet Almond oil , Apricot oil, Peach kernel or Grapeseed as they are the most gentle and mildest oil for sensitive skin and it works very well on FACE and BODY.

Please if you decide to approach the Organic way to treat/control your eczema do not use any other conventional products that might counteract or negatively interfere in this process. If you try something different please make sure that is genuine organic/natural . Read the label to make sure that contains good natural ingredients. If they are natural they should be in Latin language first and in brackets ,the language of the country you are based . If you can’t recognize the language just google the ingredient and find out where it comes from. There are a lot of fake organic/natural products in the market. Avoid products from pharmacy and drugstore that contain petroleum ingredients and a lot of toxins and keep away from steroids cream as much as possible . It is not recommended to buy products that don’t list ingredients on their label.

Give at least 1 week-10 days to observe any changes on the skin, hopefully you will see improvements, after this period you might keep using same products or change to other products to again observe any improvements after 7-10 days.

By using very few ingredients and products at a time will allow you know what it works for you or what it doesn’t . Keep your skincare routine to the bare minimum number of products.

Other things to consider 

  • Taking hot baths are not recommended for people who suffer from eczema as soaking isn’t good. It dries your skin out and it can get more irritated,  this is the last thing you need. Showers are the best choice warm water…not too cold not too hot. However you could occasionally have a oats bath milk with lukewarm water NEVER hot water. Read my blog about how I won my daughter’s eczema here  that includes a homemade (shaky) video of myself explaining how to make the oat bath milk .
  • Food allergy test is recommended to eliminate potential triggers .
  • Preferably do not have carpet, pets (do an allergy test before having pets)  and too much dust at home.
  • Dairy products often cause eczema. Try to avoid them as much as you can and drink/eat vegetable milks such as almond , oat , rice milk.
  • Try using natural organic cotton clothing and avoid synthetic fabrics such as polyester, lycra, elastane etc that it can irritate your skin and don’t allow your skin to breath.
  • If you suffer eczema on your face please avoid make-up products such as foundation and powders.
  • Practice relaxation activities and drink chamomile tea or other herbal teas which can help you to relax and unwind. Stress and tension environment make eczema worse. Drink plenty of water to keep your body/skin hydrated.
  • Practice exercise, meditation, yoga , play music, paint, cooking anything that calm you down and keep you mindfulness.
    Please be patient and consistent when using natural products as nature works on its own rhythm but it will be the best choice in the long term.
    My philosophy is the “less is more and the more natural the better “
    I hope all these recommendations help you to achieve a healthier  eczema -free skin

La Mayca x

Note: All my skincare recipes/formulas are made and shared in the good faith for information and educational purposes only to encourage people to you use natural sustainable products. They are  based on my natural skincare knowledge and experience for more than 8 years . These recipes/formula are not prescriptions nor tend to replace any medication/products no claim as to their effectiveness.  The reader takes total responsibility in making and using them . 

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