Multipurpose Organic Aloe Vera Gel.


Aloe is actually 96 %water, and only the remaining 4 % contains the compounds that give the plant its miraculous capabilities- as an anti-inflammatory, a healer and a moisturizer. This active 4% contains an impressive 200 or more active compounds.

Did you know that Aloe Vera reduce the signs of aging ?

Text extracted above and below are from  The Organic Pharmacy book that I read 7 years ago and highly recommended. This book was a good eye opener for me !!

“Dr. Ivan Danhof at the University of Texas has identified that aloe is able to penetrate the layers of the skin four times faster than water alone. By improving penetration, aloe allows other anti-aging ingredients in skincare products to act more efficiently. Aloe also promotes anti-aging itself by increasing collagen production, enhancing elasticity, and so making the skin appear more youthful “

For the season we are in I could not miss the opportunity talking about the amazing all around natural ingredient / product Aloe Vera .
Most of people in Ireland think that Aloe vera gel is only good for sunburns which it is indeed.  But your are missing a lots lots information about the benefits in this “miracle plant” which is very commonly used in any type of skincare and haircare products. The only thing is  that depends on which brand they might only use a little bit, very low percentage which won’t make much difference on your skin , I mean with such a minimum quantity of aloe vera it is hard to get ALL the wonderful benefits.

So if you can use a good quality organic aloe vera gel without much added (read the ingredients label always !!) the least amount of ingredients in the label the better, use it straight on your skin and have it always handy in your kitchen and/or bathroom when you and your family suffer from :

irritated skin
any type of acne


occasional breakouts
combination skin
oily skin
insect bites
heal wounds and cuts
any type of burn

Aloe Vera is often called the “miracle” plant


When I say Aloe vera gel same benefits  and uses apply to Aloe Vera juice, which is in fact the important ingredient, the gel you buy in the shops it is just aloe vera juice with thickeners and preservatives to give a better texture to apply on the skin. But you can find Aloe Vera “water” which is actually the juice and spray all over your skin. I do this when I am in Spain on holidays , to keep my skin cool, hydrated and well fed on the go. You can spray your skin with Aloe Vera juice for the same purpose as list above and it would be even more refreshing especially in the summer months. I always keep in the fridge in the summer months to even cool down my skin more.

It is difficult to find a good Organic Aloe Vera get in the stores in Ireland as most of you find are filled with a lot of synthetic stuff and colorants , to make it look green. Aloe vera gel is NOT green it is just white , better said transparent white . Making your own organic aloe vera juice and organic aloe vera gel at home is easy and it can be preserved for long period of time .

Handmade Organic Aloe Vera gel


The juice and/or the gel can be also used as part of any skincare product. You can play up with percentages and type of skincare product you want to include this magnificent miracle plant. Aloe vera juice and aloe vera gel often replace water in skincare formula as it is a water soluble ingredient.

It has unlimited uses in skincare and haircare. It is part of great anti-aging creams, body lotions, toners, micellar waters, face serums, eye serums , shampoos , hair conditioners , hair mask.

Tip: Massage aloe vera gel on your scalp and hair to keep it healthy and fed with good vitamins, enzymes and minerals and many more.

Make Aloe Vera gel your skin and hair best friend !

La Mayca x


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