Non-toxic vegan manicure in Dublin.

Non-toxic vegan manicure in Dublin

A non-toxic vegan manicure in Dublin !!! I am not even into nails but I think after this experience I might get converted to do my nails every now and then….What a great experience I had a couple of weeks in town . How great is having the choice of a non-toxic vegan manicure and what does this exactly mean you might be wondering.

I have tried non-toxic polishes from different brands in the past. In fact many of you my dear followers can remember I used to sell natural and organic skincare and makeup in my online shop years ago including non-toxic nail polish. Not anymore as I am enjoying running my skincare workshops at the moment and A LOT !

So my experience started when Kat kindly invited me for a treatment in the new organic, natural and vegan cruelty-free beauty salon in Dublin city centre.  Dublin certainly needed a place like this one. Kat has previously attended my complete face skincare workshop  last year and I remember she told me about the opening of this new exciting place in Exchequer St called Skinfull Affairs  I chose to have a manicure as I really don’t do much to my nails. I guess I have good strong healthy nails and only use nail polish occasionally as I am conscious about  nail polish is not a natural product , it is synthetic basically paint (plastic) product.  Now  having said that we can be grateful that some brands are removing the most toxic ingredients from the formula to make a more skin friendly product so people who are conscientious about health and environment can enjoy this great choice.

New 7 free and VEGAN nail polish brand in Dublin

Florencia  a young nice lady did my manicure in an extremely attention to  detail manner that I enjoyed every second of the treatment with her explaining every step and every product she used and why. My nails looked absolutely flawless. I chose “Rosy cheeks” from ella+mila the beautiful nail polish American brand with 130+ colors. You can purchase any product of the range in Skinfull Affairs beauty salon and store. This brand is what is called 7 FREE AND VEGAN nail polish with love. Free from 7 highly toxic ingredients you find in conventional nail polish brands.

I really loved the soy polish remover product as it does not only remove your nail polish but treats your nails with vitamins and oils. It actually feels like an oil and definitely does NOT smell acetone conventional nail polish remover. I really really loved my non-toxic manicure experience and my nails stayed flawless for a week maybe it could have last longer but I use my hands a lot with my cosmetic making activity .

See pictures below of my experience.


I think “Rosy cheeks” suits me perfectly. I am not into very long nails, and this color in short nails look discretely  beautiful.

I happily recommend you try this (non-toxic ) Deluxe manicure in Skinfull Affairs, 34 Exchequer St, Dublin 2 Tel. 01-6169933


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