Natural beauty ingredients products you can get in your supermarket.

Natural beauty ingredients products you can get in your supermarket

I normally get super-excited when I find some natural ingredients in the supermarket or local shops. You remember when I shared on Facebook I found great quality pure (and genuine !!!) Rosewater and Orange blossom water from Lebanon  in M&S?? . Please please don’t let the brands cheating you. Read the ingredients on the back of the product and if you are buying rosewater , in the ingredients list must say : rosewater AND NOTHING ELSE !!!Recently I have also found a great value Rosewater, Orange blossom water, castor oil, fullers earth powder (I will talk more about cleansing clays in another post) , sesame oil in the Asian/Arab stores. Just always read the ingredients.

Genuine fresh rosewater from Lebanon

Fullers earth clay

Also found in M&S great quality amazing cold-pressed oils like : Grapeseed oil, camelina oil, avocado oil, macadamia oil, apricot oil and super high performance oil Argan oil that is not only for your hair as it has been marketed lately .It is fantastic for the skin as it is naturally high in vitamin E and fatty acids. The smell is odd but is one of the top anti-aging plant oils. These ones in the pic are MOKHADO brand from South Africa . I love them all !



Sure you know you can find   sodium bicarbonate, cornflour, brown sugar  in any supermarket but funny enough you can not easily find sea salt, proper natural salt from the sea guys !!! and if you find it it is extremely expensive. Table salt (sodium cloride) does not work I mean that is not pure salt. I advise you to get sea salt from the health store which is great value for a 500 grms and you have the 2 versions : coarse and fine. Sea salt is essential ingredient for your scrubs and also for your handmade  shampoo formulas

Epsom salts and citric acid in pharmacy, essential oils and beeswax in health stores.
for more advanced cosmetic making you need to buy in professional cosmetic making suppliers, normally online. Rosewater and witch hazel from pharmacies tend NOT to be genuine floral waters.  They are a mixture of ingredients which they called Rosewater but it is not a hydrolat .

But from your own garden you can collect interesting plants and flowers and make all type of maceration, extracts, and infusion to include in your skincare formula . If you missed my post about how to make your own carrot oil and its benefits read HERE …just directly from nature into your jar, on your skin …isn’t this amazing , fascinating and so RIGHT ??

Organic Sunflower oil from your health Store. I always buy Meridian brand which I find very good quality and good value

Meridian organic sunflower oil is excellent for skincare

On the other note I have spotted this product a long ago in Boots and other pharmacies. This is NOT Rosewater as in Hydrolat the by-product of steam distillation of rose petals. This is water mixes with rose oil (that will be minimum percentage as it is quite expensive oil ) and essential oils (only allergens stated ) and preservatives BUT they call it Rosewater. Misleading label as usual.

19430155_1207162046061652_1607091436442629369_n 19260410_1207162066061650_8725538762043151836_n

Very annoying 🙁 !!!

This product “rosewater” is not suitable for cosmetic making .

Hope you enjoyed the post .

La Mayca x

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