A rainy afternoon.

There is something special about a rainy afternoon that makes me bake a nice Spanish sponge cake  (bizcocho) with my little Sofia. She already knows the 3 steps before cooking : tie your hair up, wash your hands and wear an apron. Yes, she has a little cute apron that is actually getting small now… Should get a new one !

I was looking for the recipe when “plof!” The carton of eggs fell on the floor… Destiny! We need to use the eggs now. So we decided to make Spanish sponge cake which is easy, delicious and so versatile… And also make omelette with brocoli (previously steamed), smoked salmon and brie cheese… Mmmm accompanied by fresh green leaves! Plenty of good proteins, omega-3 and vitamins. Ooops, should have done a pic… Well, next time, then!

Listo! Dinner is ready and I spent some quality time with my daughter – away from the computer.

This is what well-being is all about!

What are your recipes for a rainy afternoon?

Carpe Diem,

La Mayca

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