Bia Beauty – Natural handmade skin care from Cork.

I met Tracy Ryan on Twitter a while ago  and I liked her idea of making natural handmade skincare products with food ingredients straight away. We started to follow each other.  I totally agree that daily skincare should be natural and with the target of feeding your skin with proper simple natural ingredients. It is not only about the cosmetic effect but also the long term benefit of what you put on your skin.

Anything that touches your skin shouldn’t contain any toxic or aggressive ingredients. There is no need for this. Bia Beauty products smell and feel yummy (but please, do not eat them!), they blend well with your skin and they are absorbed quickly leaving a soft touch and gorgeous aroma on your skin. I find their texture light and their mild formula suitable for any type of skin.

Bia Beauty - Handmade in Cork
Bia Beauty – Handmade in Cork

By the way, I love the fact that it is an Irish Natural handmade skincare brand and we feel proud to stock these lovely products and support an Irish business. Here is one of their must-try products: Bia Beauty Mellow Mandarin Moisturizer. Hope you enjoy it!

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