My best 3 natural cleansers.

My best 3 natural cleansers

It may still be cold but the first signs of Spring are starting to appear…and we all certainly love it !

Time to Spring clean your skin  and refresh it after a long cold and freezing winter ladies.

Number 1 MATARRANIA Organic Olive Scrub 

AMAAAAAZING product! bit messy but absolutely effective and genuinely 100% Organic made from olive’s stones ground. 

Use once in a week for a deep deep scrub but it won’t be aggressive and I insist you CAN use it on your FACE and body . I do and the skin on my face is very sensitive. Please DO NOT rub this product just gently massage it all over your face and body and enjoy the revitalizing smell of the Organic Eucalyptus and Mint essential oils. Your skin will be super extra soft and radiant  after using this wonderful product. 


Number 2 MATARRANIA Organic cleanser with Thyme extract and Bulgarian Rose water.

For daily use . Very important you SHAKE it before using and it is excellent for normal-dry skin . It is a water-oil formula and it smells divine. Put few drops on a cotton pad and clean your face and remove make-up . Paraben , alcohol, sulphates free ! 100 % Organic ! The purple glass bottle is a luxury and will look gorgeous on your bathroom .

cleanser lotion bicolor

Number 3 TRILOGY cream cleanser 

Daily use and lovely creamy texture but again NO chemicals, parabens, sulphates, etc… TRILOGY includes the extraordinary Rosehip oil in all their range together with other excellent natural and effective ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Chamomile flower and Jojoba oil. Great for any type of skin including sensitive ones. Smells fab and very easy to apply with this beautiful glass bottle with pump. And now Trilogy is giving you an special gift Trilogy Instant Radiance collection including 3 gorgeous products (cleanser, exfoliant and mask)  when you buy this product…. Isn’t it fab ? Limited edition from this wonderful brand.



Now if you don’t like oils and creams to clean your skin and remove your make-up then you have another wonderful option to wash your face with lovely and natural bar soaps. Sulphate and chemicals free…. of course! When I talk about natural soaps they are completely different from the soaps you find in drugstores or supermarkets. These are authentic NATURAL soaps made from gorgeous plants oils or even natural clay. They are highly recommended if your skin is oily and/or suffer from acne as it will remove the excess of oil but it won’t be aggressive to your skin either . One of my fav is Emma’s soap brand available on our online shop .  They are sooooo good , effective without leaving your skin dry and feeling tight .

Come on girls ,…. clean your skin naturally and stay away from aggressive chemicals !

La Mayca x


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  1. I haven’t come across Matarrania before, but I am going to have to look them up. they look fantastic products. Do you ship to the UK?

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