Best Organic hair oils.

I am often being asked by my customers which is the best oil for their hair. Argan Oil has gained HUGE popularity for its wonderful benefits not only for the hair, but also for the skin.

I have to say that there are also many other good oils that work brilliant for your hair. In fact, any plant oil may be good. They are all packed with vitamins and essential fatty acids.

The BEST hair oil for YOU is the one that suits your hair AND your lifestyle. Here are some recommendations:

Monoi Oil from Tahiti is a super brilliant oil for damaged, very dry, rough, frizzy hair, especially if you spend lots of time in the sea or pool. You can apply it before swimming to create a barrier between the pool water (full of chlorine) and your hair or it can be applied after washing your hair. Remember to start with a small amount. If you love coconut oil, this one smells similar but also floral!

Organic Coconut Oil is great for any type of hair and well-known for endless purposes for your skin.

Organic Jojoba Oil is the ideal one for curly, frizzy, afro hair. It reduces hair volume and helps detangle and define curls. It is more a wax than an oil and it’s very light. It is called sometimes “dry oil” because it is absorbed really quickly.

Organic Argan Oil is particularly good for frizzy, split ends medium/long straight hair. Add a couple of drops after washing your hair before blow drying.

Organic Rosehip Oil works in a similar way to Argan oil (above).

Organic Sweet Almond Oil is good for massaging dry scalp, and thick and short/medium/long hair. It helps hair growth.

Be aware of replicas, fake synthetic oils and always look for CERTIFIED Organic plant oils. It will be more expensive but much more effective  in the long run! I hope this info helps 🙂

Carpe diem,

La Mayca

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    1. I find Organic oils are more nourishing and more beneficial in a long term this is why I switched to Organic products .

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