MATARRANIA – A supreme olive oil experience.

(Written: 24th October 2012)

MATARRANIA olive oil cosmetics have arrived in Ireland!

I simply LOVE to research new, great organic skincare brands. What I like the most is finding those small genuine producers who make the finest products in a tiny town, surrounded by nature. It feels as if the pure fresh energy they put in their products remains infused in them, resulting in something extraordinary!

As a Spanish person, who grew up smelling, touching and tasting one of staple ingredients in Spanish culture – olive oil, I have been searching for a truly great skincare range that uses olive oil as a main active ingredient. That way I could bring a little piece of my home country to my online shop here in Irelanf. And guess what? I found it! MATARRANIA!

Cosmetica ecologica española del aceite de oliva Matarrania

Even the name sounded unconventional, powerful and with a lot of personality. This WONDERFUL brand is made in a little village in Teruel in the region of Aragon (Spain). I like to call this place the heart of Spain for its location on the map.

MATARRANIA is the first Spanish organic cosmetic brand certified by the prestigious Organic Soil Association in UK.

Just look what MATARRANIA is all about:

0% water=100% active ingredients
100% certified organic ingredients
100% cold-pressed virgin plant oils
90% local produced ingredients
100% recyclable cardboard and 30% recyclable glass
100% support women employment, helping the balance between personal and professional life
100% support local traditional financial activities in the local area
It is handmade without using any preservatives, mineral oils, parabens or synthetic perfumes.
Not tested on animals.
Raw cosmetics made <40C

Honestly you can’t ask for more… MATARRANIA  has it all!

These wonderful products do what they’re supposed to do according to the descriptions on the jar and allow you to enjoy them with all your senses. The smell coming from organic essential oils, macerated Mediterranean plants, unique mixtures, the texture, the feeling is absolutely gorgeous, helping you to follow a pleasant ritual while putting a small amount of any of MATARRANIA  product on your skin.

MATARRANIA respects your skin and  our planet, offering an intense and natural well-being sensation.

Welcome to MATARRANIA a supreme experience. Exclusive in Ireland and UK @


Carpe diem,

La Mayca

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