Do you really need too much make-up ?.

(Written: 23rd October 2012)

It has always surprised me people’s reluctance to try organic products for fear of reaction, when ironically the conventional products they use are MORE LIKELY to give a reaction because of the aggressive ingredients they use. They are willing to put TONES OF make-up starting with foundation, followed by concealer, mascara, eye shadow, blush, etc… etc… etc… Full of UNKNOWN ingredients, colorants, harsh chemicals, etc. It just doesn’t make any sense to me but I don’t take it personally. I have tried EVERYTHING I stock in my online shop,  just because my skin is very sensitive and I want to confirm that it won’t cause bad reactions. Never had a problem with any of my products!

Obviously, some people don’t realize that out of conventional skincare products full of chemicals that are potentially skin irritant, to mention only one of their nasty side effects, make-up products are the worst as they are fully made of “synthetic” and “toxic” ingredients. Did you know you can easily end up putting a total of 500 chemicals on your face EVERY single day? Yes FIVE HUNDRED or even MORE!!! Isn’t this mad??? The damage that all these chemicals do to your skin is horrendous!

I have a neighborwho is client of mine. She ADORES make-up and she uses it EVERY SINGLE DAY – she is ready to go to a party at all times! She arrived to school a couple of weeks ago to pick her daughter up and her eyes were red and she looked like she had been crying for hours… I asked her: are you ok?? what is wrong with your eyes? “Oh I don’t know Mayca”, she said “they are stingy, itchy, watery all the time and it started when I used a new mascara that I bought last week… It was only €4 in Dunnes and I wanted to try… And look at me now!” Itold her straight away: stay away from any make-up product for the moment, until the irritation disappears and, if I were you, I would start using only eco make-up made from natural ingredients. I also gave her some Chamomile tea to wash her eyes and help with irritation and inflammation and she felt some relief. She has been suffering for 2 weeks from her eyes and the fact that she could not wear any make-up – made her feel uncomfortable asshe is not used to go out without it.
The skin on her face is getting so dry that she actually said to me once: “Mayca I love the Moroccan Argan oil that i got from you and I will definitely use it everyday, I have terrible wrinkles around my eyes and look at you… You only have a few lines! (BTW, I am 43 and she’s ONLY 26…).
There is nothing wrong with being glamorous, but I certainly won’t risk my skin health just to look glamorous. Girls!!! you are damaging your skin by the minute… There she is, my poor neighbor, a LOVELY girl by the way, she went to the doctor and her poor eyes are still sore and stingy 🙁 And, IMHO, she looks much prettier without make-up.

Just to finish up…. Did you know that the red color E-120 in your red lipstick comes from cochinillas, a type of “beetles”, that were crushed to get their blood and so is the  red color for many many food and cosmetics products . Ew 🙁 No thanks! I don’t need this!


All the best to You and Your Skin,

La Mayca

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