Eco-gorgeous Bride.

(Written: 6th May 2013)

If you opt for an organic and beautiful look on one of the most important and special days of your life, follow my recommendations to be an eco-gorgeous bride.

First step: remove dead skin cells from your face and body and have your skin ready to absorb the goodness of the moisturizers – oils that will plump your skin and give that radiance that you deserve on your wedding day! Use MATARRANIA Organic olive exfoliator scrub. It provides oxygen to the cells ans removes dead skin cells, while moisturizing the skin at the same time. Apply it all over your face and body and enjoy it as a beauty ritual with all your senses… smell the eucalyptus and mint and relax.


Second step: apply MATARRANIA Organic Firming Body Oil with grapefruit and coffee.


Feeling happy and relaxed? Now it’s time to take care of that pretty face of yours! After exfoliating your face with the gorgeous Organic olive exfoliator scrub apply MATARRANIA Organic Bulgarian Rose toner… it smells delicious, giving you a well-being feeling!


Now you can apply MATARRANIA Organic  Eye contour cream to brighten your eyes area…


and finally MATARRANIA Organic face moisturizer:


Now leave your skin to absorb all these wonderful products for a few minutes and then apply BENECOS certified Natural make-up. You can find my own choices for shades below but you’re free to choose your favorites (I personally think that pastels and nude colors are the most elegant options to be a pretty and classy bride!).
1. BENECOS natural creamy make-up foundation -Nude-
2. BENECOS natural mineral powder -Medium Beige-
3. BENECOS natural kajal pencil -Brown-
4. BENECOS natural duo eyeshadow -Noblesse-
5. BENECOS natural maximum volume mascara -Deep black-
6. BENECOS natural lipstick -Pink honey-
7. BENECOS natural lip gloss -Noisette-


Hope you have an unforgettable wedding day!Eco Bride..

La Mayca

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