Harmful chemical in antibacterial soap?.

(Written: May 8th 2013)
Resourced from www.cbsnews.com today.

Government researchers plan to deliver a review this year on the effectiveness and safety of triclosan, the germ-killing ingredient found in an estimated 75 percent of antibacterial liquid soaps and body washes sold in the United States. The chemical has been in U.S. households for more than 40 years, used for cleaning kitchens, people’s bodies and clothing.

The chemical is also found in mouthwash, toothpaste and toys, and depending on what the FDA finds, a $1 billion industry could be affected.

The agency’s review comes amid growing pressure from lawmakers, consumer advocates and others who are concerned about the safety of triclosan. Is it a harmful chemical? Recent animal studies of triclosan have led scientists to worry that it could cause hormone-related problems in humans including an increased risk of infertility and early puberty.
The concerns over triclosan offer a sobering glimpse at a little-known fact: Many chemicals used in everyday household products have never been formally approved by U.S. health regulators. That’s because many germ-killing chemicals were developed decades ago before there were laws requiring scientific review of cleaning ingredients.

The reality is that – just like TRICLOSAN – there are hundreds of chemicals that were developed decades ago and they are still in your cosmetics and hygiene products, shower gels, soaps, etc. Are they a harmful chemical ? Time to raise the alarm? Not yet. The review is going to take some time and we’ll just have to wait for its results. But, in the meantime, why take the risk? Especially if you can find organic and natural products without synthetic chemicals and use them instead!

At Wapo, we take our product safety very seriously. Just read the labels – NONE of our soaps, shower gels or shampoos contain triclosan. Take for example NAETURA ORGANICS TEA TREE SHOWER GEL/SHAMPOO:

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It’s a fantastic, mild anti-bacterial product, extra-gentle on your skin. Made from Aloe vera and derived from sugar and coconut. Excellent for dandruff, candids, nail fungus, preventing lice, treating acne, etc.

Carpe diem,

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