My Summer Eco Favourites.

(Written: 16th May 2013) When summer comes, I always look for citrus and coconut aromas. Aromas that can transport me to the beach. To paradise…

Beach by shazwan, on Flickr Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License  by  shazwan 

Monoi oil from Tahiti CAN take your mind to the beach, even on the wettest grey day during the Irish spring… you just need to close your eyes, feel it and smell it. Needless to say how good Monoi oil is for your skin and hair, especially if they both are dry/very dry and/or extremely dry. Go for the authentic eco (apellation of origin) Monoi oil from Tahiti, not the synthetic replicas that many many cosmetic brands use in their formulas. This is what I like about organic eco skincare – not only the skin benefits but also the well-being effect you get from a product! This product absolutely smells paradise!


Wapo Citrus Zing shampoo and conditioner is a loved couple by me. I just LOVE citrus aromas like lemon, orange, mandarin, lime, lemongrass, and they are all sooo uplifting and “feel good” smells… well if you like them, of course. I know people who don’t like citrus aromas as they prefer earthy, woody, spicy smells. This shampoo and conditioner not only smell sensational but also they clean and condition your hair in an extra gentle way and WITHOUT any harsh chemicals like SLS.

My last summer discovery? ECO-COSMETICS SPF 30 Face Sun Gel! It doesn’t exactly have a “gel-like” texture but it has a light oily quick absorption texture thats not the typical white thick texture that many conventional sunscreens have. It smells lovely fruity peach. Ideal for normal/combination skin like mine. A winner for me this summer… although I like ECO-COSMETICS SPF 30 Tinted Sun Cream too! What is more, I noticed that sunscreens normally make my eyes itchy and make my skin oily. ECO-COSMETICS sunscreens don’t – I guess it is because they are completely free from synthetic chemicals 🙂

eco cosmetics group imageOoops… Nearly forget my “hero” summer product! Remember, it is good to apply plenty of Naetura Organics Aloe vera Gel after sun exposure, whether you have sunburn or not… This will repair your skin due to extra-hydrating, calming and healing properties of this miraculous plant. A must-have all year round!Have a Wapo Summer!
La Mayca


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