FREE online skincare making for children.

Skincare making for children

I am sure many women are in the same situation like myself . I have 3 children , 2 are young adults and a 10 y/o and it is summer holidays. Yes holidays for her but not for me , you can definitely feel related .

When we are immerse in school routine we are so looking forward to summer holidays. True the pace becomes slower and days are longer in the summer but at the same time our children get easily bored . As a mother working from home like many women I know , I struggle with the fact that she is in holiday but I do not have much free time to be with her and the guilt feeling is in the back of your mind.

At this stage you can assume that my daughter knows how to make a lot of skincare products , she has watched since she was very little and it is great to see her confidence in not only making products but even “formulating” . It has occurred me to write about this today as I have had quite a few enquiries about skincare making classes for children. At the moment I can’t run children for classes as my insurance covers only adults.

However my FREE online basic skincare making course where you learn the most easiest quickest handmade cosmetic product ; lipbalms and you also get few interesting PDF notes , could be a good starting point for your child (always supervised by an adult) to learn how to make a cosmetic product -anhydrous type- that he/she will enjoy all year round. You as a mamy will save money too ….by making a whole batch you get 12 lipbalms. Lipbalms forever !!!

Please you can enroll in this FREE online basic skincare making here , please supervise your child when making this product as you need to use of heat as shown in my video tutorial.

Hope your child and yourself find this  new hobby exciting and entertaining . Please feel free to make comments and ask me any question in the comment box in the course.

Have fun !




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  1. Hello lovely lady!

    You prob don’t remember me … We met in PayPal last summer. I live around the corner from you in Beechfield. I hope you are well and business is going well too.

    Thank you for this freebie. I’m going to do it myself next week first.

    Can you tell me please…. What is the youngest age you would accept for your classes? I’m looking to buy classes as a gift for 2 mothers and their teenage (early teens) daughters. If you can accept that age I will speak with you to book in advance as they would be travelling from northern Ireland.

    Almost the weekend. Have a great one!!! Can you believe we are having weather almost as wonderful as your beautiful Spain? ????

    Speak soon

    1. Hi Audrey, how are you doing ? of course I remember you. I will email you with info but give me a call anytime , we should catch up with a cuppa x

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