Home ritual to end the year 2017.

Home ritual to end the year 2017

So 2018 is around the corner and I would like to share with you what is my ritual that I have followed for many years to cleanse and detox my home that I have actually started today. Ideally this cleanse should be accompanied by a thorough clean in the house but the darkness and the laziness in Christmas time does not help then it will be done on brighter days.

Basically what I do is de-cluttering . I start with the kitchen which is a very important place in my house since that I love cooking , eating and it is also the place where I run my skincare workshops and make my lotions and potions , apart from my office-lab right next to the kitchen.


I open all the cupboards and check expiry date of every food.

I check expiry date of spices and herbs that we normally overlook and this is important because it is a food that growth mold quite rapidly without you even notice.

I do the same with food in the fridge and freezer.

I get rid off stuff that I no longer use and put in the bin or give it to charity.

When I finish doing all this I place a glass of water with sea salt in every corner of the kitchen .

This year I will burn sage which I learnt from a very special friend who is a very special holistic therapist.


I get rid off papers A LOT OF PAPERS I do not longer need, notes, magazines, check expiry dates of ingredients and products . Again I put them in the bin or give it to someone to use if expiry date is happening soon , as you know I have plenty of skincare and personal care products for myself and my family and hate wasting products that I have formulated and made with love .

Facebook cleanse

I unfriend people who I don’t really know, never interact with them or haven’t interacted in the last couple of years. What is the point to have them as a friend, I wonder ?

I put my vision board in the bin and make a completely NEW ONE for the new year with different colors and different priorities according to the lessons learnt and achievements of the previous year.

I put the glasses with sea salt and water in every corner and burn sage to clean the bad energy and renew the air.

I keep doing this in every room of my house. Tidying up, getting rid off  old clothes , shoes, accessories, broken stuff,  I no longer need that I have been keeping for years because its emotional meaning.  I normally do one room per day, I mean one room at a time because it can be overwhelming. Sure it depends of the size of your house and how much clutter you will spend more or less time.

As I am getting older I realize that I want less things, less possessions, less objects and more space and simplicity, more air , more peace . I like having things that have a function otherwise it is a waste of space. My goal is being as much minimalist as possible.

On New Years Eve I always wear red underwear to bring good luck in the new year, this is an Spanish tradition/costume in New Years Eve where we have 12 grapes and 12 o’clock midnight, if you eat the 12 grapes in a matter of seconds your wish will come true in the new year. ….so make sure the grapes are small size 🙂 !!! It is so much fun and magical moment .

A very Happy New Year 2018 to you all and THANK YOU for following and supporting what I do.

May all your good wishes come true.

Love and Peace

Mayca x





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