Microbeads ban in Ireland 2018.

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Microbeads ban in Ireland 2018

I am pretty sure you have seen and/or read the news about microbeads ban in Ireland today.
Microbeads are little tiny plastic spheric shape that are used in your exfoliants products, face and body scrubs, peelings and whatsnot to give that “scratchy” feeling to clean the skin by removing dead cells .
Microbeads make the way through our pipes and directly to the ocean where marine life eats them and then with “eat fish with plastic” no thanks !!

“The fact that they are so tiny allows them to absorb large quantities of toxins and other pollutants. Once they’re out in the wild, microbeads can also be easily ingested by marine animals. “If someone eats six oysters, it is likely they will have eaten 50 particles of microplastics,”  extracted from here

There are so tiny that there are millions, and billions and trillions in all our oceans (very sad)  It does not only hurt our environment but ourselves as microbeads are often found in toothpaste .. so this microplastic stuff will end in your digestive system and gut ….?  NO thanks again !!

Natural organic biodegradable alternative to use in your cosmetic products which will give a nice “scrubby” feeling and gently get rid dead skin cells for a radiant smooth glowing skin:

Ground almond

Jojoba beads

Bamboo powder

Ground olives stones (my favorite)

Sea salt


Ground seaweed

Ground rice

Ground oats (yeahhh the well known porridge)



Now these are the news …it is about time…huge step for plastic free but many other plastic stuff must follow.

Read today’s article here 

Remember to buy recyclable materials and RRR (reduce, reuse, recycle) as much as you can. The planet is our home and we are the responsible to look after it.

Thanks for reading

See my schedule for skincare making classes where you will NOT use microbeads in your products. NO NEED TO!!

La Mayca x


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