How to exfoliate your feet for one euro.

How to exfoliate your feet for one euro

Do you have very hard dry horrible painful skin on your heels? I do . Despite great rich foot butters that I make myself and help lots lots, still not enough to get rid of the dryness  and hard skin fully.

Why is this  you wonder? Because you need to actually remove the hard skin first and then apply a good moisturizing nourishing foot cream, preferably with high percentage of a soft/medium butter e.g. shea butter, avocado butter, mango butter in order to the skin absorbs the moisturizer otherwise it will stay on the top layer of the skin.

It is that time of the year we are thinking, better said ,dying to wear sandals to feel lighter, summery and comfortable, but our feet are in terrible state after being in socks and boots all winter.

You will not believe who came with an amazing idea ? , only cost 1 euro plus good rubbing skill  : my dear husband. Years ago he heard me complaining about my heels, I bought this Scholl pedicure …..blablabla that costs me 50 e,  it does work a bit by only smoothing the top layer of the skin on my heels, a bit disappointing I felt to be honest , I think it is more a maintenance tool really. But here is my husband one day told me : “I have something that will leave your heels silky smooth and will remove the hard skin effectively” Whaaat ? I said.

He said: just sit down there, he brought a basin with warm water and came with a piece of sandpaper , yes those ones you use to sand a wooden table LOL !!

He soaks the sandpaper in the water and started rubbing my heels with it , then rinse it again , dried and never felt my heels that way , even after a professional pedicure in a salon . I was speechless !! You can do it yourself, or get someone to do it. It doesn’t hurt at all and it works brilliantly.

So let me tell you what exactly you need to get :

From Woodies or any DIY store and get exactly 100 grid medium sandpaper as there are different grit size . In only cost few euros for 5 sheets, you need half of a sheet per session.


You know I love to share easy natural affordable skin solutions , well here is this one I hope you find it helpful. After exfoliating your feet apply a good foot cream or foot butter , put some cottom fluffly socks and sleep with them, just to allow the skin absorbs the product deeply. You will get up with new feet. Try and tell me about it !

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about exfoliating your body skin and a recipe for a body scrub , use those tips on the feet too.  If you missed it read it here

Exfoliating your skin is the first step to clean, smooth and glowing healthy skin before applying any skincare product.

I am working on a formula of a beautiful body oil with active ingredients to reduce cellulitis that firms and tones the skin , that can help to wear those shorts we are dying to … Yayyy summer is here !

Try and let me know how did you get on ?

La Mayca x


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