How to make skincare products with fruits.

How to make skincare products with fruits

I am pretty sure you have heard that fruits contain a lot of good vitamins and acids for the skin making them a great natural fresh option use them on your skin . Here is a practical guide of which fruit do what depends on your skin type. Fruits can be applied as face mask, peeling treatments, beauty treatments  and HOW TO MAKE SKINCARE PRODUCTS WITH FRUITS . You need to use the pulp and/or juice to make it an easy application to enjoy all their amazing benefits. 

FRUIT SKIN PROPERTIES for handmade fruit skincare products 

Cherries – great  anti-aging
Melon – Soothing
Quince – anti-wrinkles
Coconut pulp–  hair conditioner and strengthening 
Papaya – High content of enzymes -papain- It is a GREAT exfoliator removing dead cells EFFECTIVELY  and powerful healing food for the skin being cicatrizant – which aids the formation of scar tissue
Mango– Rich in vitamin A, C and B5 – (there you go the best vitamins your skin needs ) skin benefits ? quite a few: 

  1. Antioxidant= protect from free radicals= antiaging 
  2. Anticancer
  3. Good exfoliant-peeling effect to the skin boosting dull skin resulting in glowing skin. 

Kiwi – Vitamins A and C and minerals magnesium, calcium, sodium, iron and zinc. Delay aging process and has anticancer effects. Great boost for the immune system
Pineapple – VERY interesting fruit for your skin – Great natural exfoliant/peeling that remove dead skin cells effectively at the same time that hydrates your skin. High content of Vitamin C , great to brightening and make your skin glows. BUT something unique in pineapple is AHA .Pineapple natural compound is AHA (Alpha Hydroxic Acid) that estimulate collagen by removing dead skin cells making it a great natural rejuvenating product.  Works great to fight cellulitis.
Peach – Best natural “peeling” ever, great cell regenerator, you can make a wonderful face mask to “wake up” tired and dull skin .
Pear – antiacne
Avocado– Rich is plant oils, vitamins A and B, iron, calcium and phosphorus. Excellent for rough and dry skin
Apple– Hydrating and cell renovator especially after sun exposure
Strawberry– Skin detox, anti-free radicals, stimulate blood circulation resulting in clear and supple skin.
Lemon– Astringent, refreshing and brightening. GREAT toner for oily skin. Mixed it with peach to make a beautiful soothing and cleansing product . Best face mask for tired skin.
Banana – Nourishing and rich in minerals . Good for dry, tired and dull skin.
Red grape– Revitalizing due to high content of polyphenols and other powerful antioxidants effect higher than Vitamin E . Improves blood circulation being a great product to fight cellulitis.
Handmade fruit skincare product
FACE FRESH MASK RECIPE for dry and dull skin
1 avocado pulp
50 ml sesame oil
15 ml chamomile tea
2 ml Geranium essential oil
5 ml natural vitamin E
Put all in a blender and applied on the skin for 20 min . Enjoy !

Fruits in the list can be used with many many other food ingredients to make wonderful effective pampering beauty products. You can use food, milk powders, seeds, honey ,seaweed, sugar, salts, flours, nuts, chocolate , etc to make high performance beauty and preservative-free products.

See some pics of my latest “fresh cosmetic making with food workshop” last Saturday the 9th June 2018. We had so much fun ! and extra soft skin !

If you would like to learn how to make safe and professional skincare products- online course- sign up here 

What is your favourite fruit of all ? I love strawberries

La Mayca x

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  1. What ingredients create shelf life for your products, For example if you make a baking soda lemon scrub what can you add to make it last long?

    1. Hi Verolyne, In order to make a cosmetic products with a shelf life, you need to understand some basic but important cosmetic science including how to measure and combine ingredients safely and effectively. Our Complete Skin Care Course for Beginners includes a section on how to use preservatives for many type of products, if you’re interested in learning about it.
      In my professional opinion baking soda is an alkaline (high Ph) ingredient which it is very harsh on the skin plus lemon which it is acidic can be also harsh. Be aware of many recipes on internet are unsafe and unstable unfortunately . Knowledge on what ingredients come from and how they behave is key to formulate and create a safe and long last product.

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